Avoid dangers in your barbecue

Enjoying barbecues with family and friends can be very entertaining and enjoyable, but it also has its risks. Keep in mind some care that can help you when you play preparing the barbecue:

  • Corroborate that the location of the grill is adequate. The specialists recommend that it be at least three meters away from the wooden floor, the side of the house and the hanging plants.
  • When discarding embers or ashes, make sure they are properly turned off. Sometimes they are deceptive because on the surface they turn white and it seems that there is no longer a fire but the heat is kept underneath and will be revived when it is oxygenated when you change them. Before discarding them, throw them enough cold water so that the fire extinguishes well, and even then never place them on the lawn, wooden floors or other material that could catch fire. Always choose non-flammable surfaces, such as cement, that are clear.
  • Be careful with the foods you eat and offer. Remember that meat (this includes hamburgers) should be well cooked and fruits and vegetables well washed, even those that you should peel before eating, such as lemon and oranges, since bacteria can be transmitted from the skin. unexpected reactions in your health and that of your guests.

Finally, with or without guests, if you have a pool in your house do not forget to put a protective fence (fence) at least one and a half meters high, to prevent children from getting into the house without authorization. And when they are using it, it always corroborates that there is an adult watching. A good idea is to take turns among those present to watch in 20-minute sessions. You can also place an alarm under the water that will sound when something weighing more than eight kilograms falls into the water.

With all these cares in mind, now you can spend a pleasant afternoon outdoors surrounded by the people you love most.

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