MAC Ellie Goulding – the Lipsticks



Dear MAC: count me in for all of your limited edition packaging, forever.


You guys, I’m not even particularly fond of Ellie Goulding, but I can NOT say no to special packaging! Especially when it comes to lipsticks and blushes. So of course, I had to pick up the two lipsticks introduced with MAC’s Ellie Goulding collection that came out right before Christmas. I’m not ashamed of my addiction!


As usual, let’s talk about packaging first. I love the color scheme and logo created here! My favorite aspect has to be the etched lipstick. MAC put some real tender care in this collection! The love shows in those little perfect details ❤️


The lighter of the two shades is called Without Your Love, and has a cremesheen finish. I found it to be a light, warm pink that ran pretty sheer. Personally, I’m all about color like this, as I tend to focus heavier makeup on my eyes and like to balance with a soft, neutral lip. Because of the sheer, glossy nature of this lipstick, it wears for only a couple of hours or so before fading completely. Something I always tell my clients though, is that makeup isn’t meant to be a tattoo- it’s okay if you have to reapply!


Only You is also a cremesheen, and is described on MAC’s website as a “muted mid-tone coral” which I think is just about perfect. It’s not too orange or pink, and has enough color in it to complement an everyday eye look. I also found this shade to be more pigmented than Without Your Love, which gave it a longer wear time as well (about 3-4 hours).


Of course I picked up the blush/bronzer too, so you’ll be able to read all about it in my next post ☺️ After that, I only have one more holiday product to talk about (plus December’s Play! Box) and then it’s on to Spring 2016 makeup! I’m so excited to share the products I’ve been trying with you. Please stay tuned for all the iridescent/pastel makeup love that will be coming your way soon!