What’s Your Vice?



Mine is makeup, of course! And brushes, skin care, fragrance, polish, hair care.. It’d be easy to derail at this point, but let’s stay on track! As the proud owner of all the Vice palettes (and the Book of Shadows series before those) I still get truly excited to see each new release.


Never one to mind an excess of glitter, I think no one will be shocked that I love this palette! Flame is the real superstar here, and I don’t remember ever seeing a shade like it released from Urban. This golden-orange duo-chrome works best when applied wet as a lid color. I generally use Make Up For Ever’s Mist & Fix to spray a small, flat shadow brush, grab enough color to turn it into a paste, and apply in a patting motion to minimize glitter fallout.


I’m really loving the matte oranges in here as well, but Arctic and Deadbeat also stood out as unique. The inclusion of so many matte transition shades here is great too, but I do wish there were more deep and mid-tone mattes as well, instead of just the very light shades represented.


Enjoy, my friends! This limited edition release from Urban Decay is available for purchase on Urban Decay’s website and sephora.com.