Beautiful New Year’s Resolutions




New Year’s Resolutions are equal parts overwhelming and inspiring. Sometimes the prospect of a new year gives you the ammunition you need to kick a bad habit or make some positive changes, and sometimes you go too hard on yourself and end up backtracking.


For 2016, I’m going to try and set the bar high, but keep myself accountable. Here are my beauty New Year’s Resolutions:


  1. Post original, inspiring content on Instagram and the blog every. single. day. No more excuses!
  2. Continue my cosmetic education – online, via local classes, or by taking beauty seminars at regional makeup shows. We should never stop learning!
  3. Learn how to take and edit photos like a pro. Damn you bloggers that also have great photography skills! You’re making me look bad ?


Have a fun, safe New Year everyone! And let me know what beautiful New Year’s Resolutions you have. ❤️