Vanity Organization



After posting a photo of my vanity to Instagram the other day, I got some inquiries about the glass units you see above holding lots of blush, bronzers, and highlighters. I love seeing collection videos on youtube and the way others organize their stashes, so I figured I’d let you in on my secret!


Having your makeup displayed makes it easier to remember what you already have, ensures that your product is always accessible, and allows you to really showcase beautiful packaging (if that’s your thing).


Unless we’re talking nails, I’m not really an acrylic girl. So, when I spotted these vanity organizers on an endcap at Target the other day, I knew I’d found a solution worth investing in! Continue reading →

NARS x Steven Klein is Making me Blush!



If you’ve read some of my older posts, you know that I’m obsessed with NARS dual intensity blushes!


This limited edition shade, called Vengeful, is no exception. With the same smooth, gel/powder formula, it performs beautifully all day. The color on the left is a warm beige highlighter, while the color on the right is a bright cherry red. They can be swirled together for an iridescent winter flush, or applied separately to give a glow on the cheekbones and a more intense color saturation on the apple of the cheek.


Don’t miss out on this one! It’s a great way to spend that gift card you received over the holidays.



NARS x Steven Klein



Let’s get abstract for a minute:


Shade, light, color, perception vs reality – these components make up both the art and cosmetic worlds. They’ve got the same DNA! That’s why I love seeing collaborations like these, and I have to say that NARS does them best (Andy Warhol, anyone?).


The artist in me finds makeup counters and galleries equally appealing, but I’m no where near an art historian. After being entranced by the packaging of NARS’ holiday collection, I did some research on Steven Klein to check out more of his work. His photography is iconic! The muted tones and surreal images presented on the packaging of each product are beautiful and thought provoking. Who doesn’t want a cheek palette that doubles as a vanity art piece? There’s no need to shove this beauty in a drawer when it’s so easy to display on your counter.


As a NARS blush lover and collector, I already owned Dolce Vita, Luster, and Laguna before investing in this palette. Laguna is a classic brown bronzer that’s perfect for those that hate orange and want a little sun-kissed sheen. Dolce Vita is a neutral red blush that adds a perfect apple-y flush to cheeks. Luster is one of my all-time favorite neutral blushes, and here’s why – all NARS blushes, regardless of how warm they look, actually have a pink base. This makes them blend seamlessly on the skin and look extremely natural, and makes Luster in particular give your skin a beautiful healthy glow, as if you just went on a run. I love it when my makeup does the working out for me!


I was excited to see the inclusion of contour duo Paloma, as I’ve never tried this product before. Unfortunately, the matte highlighter didn’t do much to brighten my tired fair skin, and the contour shade looked much warmer (almost red) than I would prefer.


Blaphemy and Robotic are both exclusive shades, and I found them very smooth and pigmented. I was so glad that a warmer pink was included, as I find that many NARS pinks run very, very cool. Having both a cool and warm pink also gives the palette a little more variety that previous blush collections from the brand have lacked.


Speaking of which, die-hard NARS fans will also be excited to know that Orgasm is NOT included this year! Thank the heavens, I think we probably all have about 20 pans of it by now.


One thing I would’ve liked to see added to the selection here is a shimmery highlight, but overall this piece still is a great investment at $69. It’s limited edition and a Sephora exclusive, so grab it while you can!



Strobe Like a Pro with NARS Copacabana Liquid Illuminator




Nars liquid illuminators are dreamy. These oil-free, water based, and highly pigmented liquids are a gorgeous product, and work well for anyone who needs a do-it-all, multi-tasking product. The water base means that they apply easily on top of other products without disturbing them, and play well with other products as a mix-in.


Copacabana is a particular favorite, as it’s opalescent glow looks amazing across the board. The tropical name feels exotic and evokes images of gleaming, hydrated skin.


My favorite method of application involves using your fingers to warm the product, then tapping gently on the high points on the face to strobe. A little bit of this product goes a long way! It’s not a highlighter for the subtle when applied on it’s own at full concentration, but can be diluted by mixing it into a foundation, primer, or moisturizer for a little extra glow. It is particularly good at emphasizing the cheekbones, bridge/tip of the nose, and cupid’s bow.


This product’s status as a makeup bag staple comes from its compatibility with many skin types, as well as the versatility in color payoff and application method it offers. Get a leg up on strobing, the trendiest makeup application method this year, with this beautiful liquid luminizer for $30, available from Sephora and




Adjustable Color with NARS Dual Intensity Blushes



Most days, I wake up to get ready for work with the earnest intention of doing a great full face of makeup. Of those days, roughly 90% of the time I do my complexion, brows, and mascara before running out the door and leaving trillions of eye shadow palettes to rot away behind me. This is all not to mention the single shadows that I never touch – who has time for single shadows?! What I always make time for, though, are cheek products. If I’m out in public and noticeably not contoured, something is incredibly wrong!


That being said, NARS dual intensity blushes, a Spring 2015 release, are the Universe’s gift to blush lovers like me the world over. They’re smooth, glowy, pigmented, and so versatile it almost hurts. Each blush has 2 complimentary shades sitting side-by-side. You can really go crazy with these! Use one to highlight and one to blush, swirl them together for a beautiful flush, or if you REALLY want to pack a punch – spray a toner or setting spray on your brush to slightly dampen it before applying. This will lend an extra dimensional, almost foiled look to your finished product. The color selection is ridiculous (the good kind) too. They’re ALL my favorites! Even better, they’re all unique. You won’t find the same boring peach, pink, and plum that you see represented by each brand time and time again.