MAC Cool Neutrals x15



As you may have noticed, I already failed at my New Year’s Resolution. I didn’t post anything last night – but I swear I have a good reason! I was tired.. ? After putting my son to bed, I passed out on the couch before 8 pm. So much for keeping up with my skincare regimen too!


I also resolved to be easier on myself this year, so I’ll just make up for it with another post this week (and maybe calm my skin with an extra face mask), and let it average itself out ?.


I’m still very excited to talk about the Cool Neutral 15-pan shadow palette from MAC. What a fantastic deal! At $85, you’re paying just over $5/shadow for very generously sized pans. I’ll admit that as a long-time fan of Urban Decay shadows, I’ve never really purchased many from MAC. When I have, I’ve also found the formula to be very hit-and-miss, but this palette made me pretty happy!


The lighter matte shades are a very thoughtful inclusion (there are 6 mattes overall), and much smoother than I anticipated. That being said, they’re going to look like straight up chalk on deeper skin tones, so they may not be the best investment if you’re a professional looking for a versatile palette for your kit, or you just happen to look best in darker, richer tones.


Color payoff from the satin shades is pretty good, but they’re not what I would reach for if I wanted a defined or bold look with neutral colors. These shadows work best for someone who wants a light wash of color for every day, that doesn’t require too much fuss or blending.


If you’re looking for an economical way to introduce yourself to MAC or beef up your collection, you’ve found the right palette! If you want sone thing like this, but with warm colors.. Well that exists too. Both are available from department stores like Macy’s, Dillard’s and MAC, and -spoiler alert- I’ll be reviewing the warm collection next!



Magic of the Night



Good morning everyone! If it’s not morning where you are, then have a happy whatever-time-of-day-it-is. Gather ’round so we can discuss MAC’s Magic of the Night lipsticks!


I only picked up 2 shades of the 4 in this collection, but there’s a good reason! I counted, and I already own 381,474 hot pink and deep plum lipsticks (barely an exaggeration ?). The two I purchased were Please Me and Evening Rendezvous, a soft peachy pink and a mid-tone neutral purple.


Purples have been one of my favorite lip colors for awhile. They’re different enough to give your look an edge, but wearable enough for almost any occasion. Evening Rendezvous is particularly pretty, because the neutrality of the shade gives it the ability to be worn with cool and warm eye looks. It’s very smooth and pigmented, and the finish is more satin than matte to me.


Please Me is a gorgeous warm pink that is so beautiful with gold or bronze eyes. It’s a little more sheer than I expected, but still a great contrast to all the cool pinks and nudes on the market lately.


This morning, I’ll be picking up some things from the Ellie Goulding collection, so watch out for more reviews coming soon!

Buying from Glambot



If you’re a makeup junkie, chances are you’ve heard of Glambot. It’s essentially a big blog sale, and here’s how it works:


If you’ve got makeup just sitting on your vanity that you’re unhappy with and will never use, Glambot may want to purchase it from you. After requesting a shipping label from their website, you can send 20 + makeup items from their approved list of brands, and they’ll send back an offer for the accepted items. You can accept their offer via PayPal or in store credit, in which case they’ll give you an extra 30% to spend.


What do they do with cosmetics they’ve purchased? Sanitize them (using various methods, depending on the formula) and offer them for sale on their website for a discount! If you think this is “gross” all I can say is – have you ever tried on literally ANYTHING at a makeup store? And also, more for me!


This is a concept I LOVE! I used to be a swapper on makeupalley, and I like this operation even better. If you’ve got a super amazing limited edition product that you don’t use or like, why not give someone else the opportunity to cherish it? Vice versa, it’s also a great way to pick up a limited release that you may have missed out on when it was available from retailers.


Such was the case for lucky me, because I scored a product I absolutely PINED over upon its release. Dior Mitzah palette, I finally own you! The website indicated that there was about 80% of the product left, and even though only a small chip is missing at the bottom of the palette, I bought it for almost half its original price! There were only 1000 of these made at the time, I believe, and so this is a very special and exciting addition to my collection. These are the things in life that make me happiest!


Ordering is is a little scary, because most of the photos of product for sale are stock photos. That means that even though you have some idea of how much product is left and what basic condition the packaging is in, you can’t REALLY know until you receive it. I’m a very visual person, so this was terrifying for me, but I’m glad I took the plunge.


I also bought MAC’s Glissade Mineralize Skinfinish, and I’m very happy with that as well. The only complaint I can think of, is that shipping took a little too long for my taste. I ordered in on a Friday, and got my package in a week and a half later on a Tuesday. I realize this may be standard 5-7 business day shipping, but I just think that to compete with other retailers, it should happen in more like 3-5.


Maybe Amazon has just spoiled me! At any rate, I had an awesome experience and will definitely continue to purchase from them in the future. I’ll also be selling some cosmetics soon, so stay tuned for my review on the other half of the process!



Oh, Darling!




Hey Darlings! I’m so behind on my posts, it’s ridiculous.


BUT, imagine my surprise when I checked Google analytics to find that my readership has gone up a TON while I’ve been slacking! I hope you all enjoy what you see, and I welcome any and all feedback.


Now let’s get down to business! Pictured above is a piece from MAC’s holiday collection, Magic of the Night. This beauty is an Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Oh, Darling! I was very lucky to get it, as it sold out at my local counter within hours. It is the lighter of the two shades offered in the collection, and more universally flattering.


Is it gold? Is it champagne? Is that a little.. Green pearl? Yes, yes, and yes! This highlighter has an almost foiled finish, and applies beautifully with a fan brush.


Let me say though, that I do have one complaint. When I removed this from the package, the pan completely fell out of the compact! LUCKILY, it didn’t break, and I was able to glue it back in (since there was no way to exchange it after it sold out) – but still, kind of annoying. Has anyone else had this experience?


While working on catching up on my other back-logged posts, I’m also going to be working on taking swatches of the products I review to give you a better idea of the texture and pigmentation. This means that I may be updating some older posts as well, so be looking out for that if you’ve seen something you’re interested in.


Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving all! I hope you’re full and happy and in the mood to be nice to retail workers tomorrow!