Guerlain’s Carousel Meteorites are a Magical Ride




After the way I gushed about Guerlain’s Holiday Meteorites, you can probably tell how obsessed I am with them. I did, after all, mention that I collect them, and I have to say that my collection is growing quite nicely!


What’s not to love about meteorites? Let’s be real – there’s nothing more luxurious than using a product that incorporates ‘Stardust Technology’ into its formula!

What is Stardust Technology? The brand says that it’s a pigment encapsulating a diamond powder. Knowing that, it’s almost easy to justify the price point! ?


Not to mention, each meteorite Pearl is hand-formed, and only four people in the world know how to make them.

Meteorites aren’t just makeup, they’re little collectible pieces of luxury, meant to adorn a counter or vanity like the fine art they are.


Now that I’ve waxed poetic about them enough, let’s discuss the latest iteration: Guerlain Carousel Meteorites Pearls for Summer 2016!

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What Makes You Smile?





As you all know from my glowing review of Guerlain’s Holiday Meteorites, I’m a little obsessed with the brand. I won’t go into the extent of my Guerlain makeup collection, but suffice it to say, I have issues.

So, though I tried as hard as I could to the resist its beckon for the last couple of months, I couldn’t pass this lovely blush up when I went to Dillard’s and saw that there was ONE of these left!


Now, another blush has found its forever home on my vanity ☺️. What makes this packaging stand out from all the bronzers and shimmer products I have from this line is that gorgeous red packaging! So shiny and luxe and bold. I can’t stop looking at it! The name is even pretty: Rose Aux Joues Smile Blush Duo.


Once opened, the blush emits that familiar Guerlain sugary violet scent. I could smell that forever, my friends! It’s light, but still sweetly intoxicating, and it smells just like luxury.


The compact includes a small flat brush beside the blush duo. Each shade has a subtle, almost duo-chrome shimmery finish that makes cheeks super glowy. The left is a warm hot pink, and the right is bright and bubble-gummy, but of course they look best swirled together as a cherry blossom pink.


If you know me by now, you already know my favorite feature of this product though: the embossed ‘SMILE’ that graces the powder’s surface. I love how this friendly reminder makes me feel when I see it each time I open the compact. It literally makes me smile! And you know that’s always the best way to apply blush perfectly on the apples of your cheeks (:


Thanks for reading! If you’ve been eyeballing Guerlain’s Summer Meteorites, they’re currently in transit to me! Be looking out for that review soon ?


Guerlain Meteorites Have Me Seeing Stars



I seriously cannot stop drooling over these!


I collect Meteorites anyway, (casually, but I’m hoping to be able to get each limited edition release in the future) but these really take the cake.


The packaging is indescribably beautiful. It looks like a snow globe, which brings to mind instant holiday nostalgia. It also takes my makeup obsession full-circle – I collected snow globes as a child, too! When you remove the top, you’ll find a cute puff covering the pearls, with a convenient mirror in the top portion of the lid.


The star shaped meteorites here are just gorgeous, and have an ethereal, pearly iridescence. The other pearls seen are in shimmery shades of blush, copper, champagne and gold. As usual, they are delicately scented and versatile in application. The puff can be used for all-over complexion brightening, or you can use the meteorites brush to apply as a subtle highlighter.


But let’s be honest here- who is really going to touch these beauties? I’m off to put them on my vanity with their other Meteorite brothers and sisters now!