Still Stay-All-Day Liquid Liner Lovin’




Today has been rough, you guys. The kind of day that makes you flop into bed as soon as you get home, nap until it’s night time, then wake up to shovel ice cream and cookies into your face before retreating to your bedroom again.

Yes. That bad.

And all I can say after a day like today is thank the makeup heavens for waterproof liquid liner – which brings me to today’s post! Nothing can cheer a lady up like chatting about makeup!


Still Stay-All-Day liquid liner was one of the first products in the stay-all-day lineup, which now includes foundation, concealer, and lipstick, among other things. I’ve been using it since around 2010 or 2011, which is pretty impressive, considering all the hundreds of liners that must have come out since then!

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