Gerard Cosmetics has Star Power!





A few weeks back, I reviewed the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra-Matte Liquid Lip Color I purchased, and I can honestly say that I’m just as obsessed with this highlighter!


With the contouring/strobing craze, highlighters are a dime a dozen nowadays. However, many are powdery, too sheer, have a weird undertone, or don’t stay on well – so finding a good one can still be a challenge.


I’m so glad I ordered this Star Powder in Grace, because I lucked out with the quality!

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Chieseled to Perfection with Anastasia Cream Contour Kits




This contouring trend has been on a roll for a few years now, showing no signs of stopping. No matter how many professional makeup artists tell us it’s not a technique meant for everyday makeup, we’re not gonna listen, are we?


Because of this ‘more is more’ mentality that we see with each new contouring mini-tutorial on Instagram, I want to at least set the record straight when it comes to proper cream contouring technique.


Unless you’re a beauty guru and travel around with your lighting system, high-tech camera and photo/video editing technology on you at all times, chances are that you find it hard to translate the tutorials you see on YouTube into real life application. This is because when you step out of the perfect ambiance of a beauty ring light and into real-life, no-secrets daylight, you find that heavy cream contouring or using two foundation shades to sculpt your skin is not the most flattering application of makeup.


Fortunately, Anastasia’s Cream Contour Kits make shaping the face a breeze!

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Clinique Chubby Stick – Sculpting Highlight




This evening, I sat down to write a review of February’s Play! box, when I realized that I promised you all a review of this highlighting stick during last month’s Play! review. Now, I shall deliver!


Chubby Sticks are a family of products made by Clinique that come in the form of – you guessed it – chubby sticks. The range includes lipsticks, eyeshadows, a foundation, and new for Spring, contour and highlighter sticks! I have the latter to share with you all today.

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I’m Rocking Tom Ford Lately




“I don’t pop Molly, I rock Tom Ford..” – so true, haha.

While in Austin, I visited a Tom Ford counter at Nordstrom, and saw this beauty sitting out on display front and center. I’ve played around with Tom Ford products at counters before, but to be totally honest, sticker shock and employee intimidation have always kept me from purchasing.

Every time I talk to the SA’s, I feel like they kind of think they’re humoring me. I don’t always look like the typical ‘luxury’ client, pushing a crazy toddler in a stroller with my day-two hair in a bun, but I still like to be treated well when I’m planning on dropping some serious dollars on their products.


This time was no different, but fortunately, I took the plunge anyway!

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Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani – The Blush Palette




The partnership continues! In case you missed it, I reviewed the Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette after its December launch, and this blush palette is my newest purchase from the Urban/Gwen collaboration.

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MAC Ellie Goulding – Blush/Bronzer Compact



As promised, today I present to you MAC & Ellie Goulding’s Blush/Bronzer duo in Hold My Breath!


After seeing all the beautiful promo work for this collection, as well as the glowing sneak peak reviews from other bloggers, I knew this was a must-have. Attention to detail is apparent in this piece as well, with the EG logo embossed on the powder.

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NARS x Steven Klein



Let’s get abstract for a minute:


Shade, light, color, perception vs reality – these components make up both the art and cosmetic worlds. They’ve got the same DNA! That’s why I love seeing collaborations like these, and I have to say that NARS does them best (Andy Warhol, anyone?).


The artist in me finds makeup counters and galleries equally appealing, but I’m no where near an art historian. After being entranced by the packaging of NARS’ holiday collection, I did some research on Steven Klein to check out more of his work. His photography is iconic! The muted tones and surreal images presented on the packaging of each product are beautiful and thought provoking. Who doesn’t want a cheek palette that doubles as a vanity art piece? There’s no need to shove this beauty in a drawer when it’s so easy to display on your counter.


As a NARS blush lover and collector, I already owned Dolce Vita, Luster, and Laguna before investing in this palette. Laguna is a classic brown bronzer that’s perfect for those that hate orange and want a little sun-kissed sheen. Dolce Vita is a neutral red blush that adds a perfect apple-y flush to cheeks. Luster is one of my all-time favorite neutral blushes, and here’s why – all NARS blushes, regardless of how warm they look, actually have a pink base. This makes them blend seamlessly on the skin and look extremely natural, and makes Luster in particular give your skin a beautiful healthy glow, as if you just went on a run. I love it when my makeup does the working out for me!


I was excited to see the inclusion of contour duo Paloma, as I’ve never tried this product before. Unfortunately, the matte highlighter didn’t do much to brighten my tired fair skin, and the contour shade looked much warmer (almost red) than I would prefer.


Blaphemy and Robotic are both exclusive shades, and I found them very smooth and pigmented. I was so glad that a warmer pink was included, as I find that many NARS pinks run very, very cool. Having both a cool and warm pink also gives the palette a little more variety that previous blush collections from the brand have lacked.


Speaking of which, die-hard NARS fans will also be excited to know that Orgasm is NOT included this year! Thank the heavens, I think we probably all have about 20 pans of it by now.


One thing I would’ve liked to see added to the selection here is a shimmery highlight, but overall this piece still is a great investment at $69. It’s limited edition and a Sephora exclusive, so grab it while you can!



Go Chisel Yourself with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit




I have a small obsession with all things beauty; small in this case meaning that it’s not quite enough to land me onto an episode of hoarders yet. Skin care, cosmetics, fragrance, brushes, hair care – you name it, it’s taking over my bathroom/bedroom/life. For some reason though, complexion products are my absolute weakness! I could wear a different blush, bronzer, and highlighter every day for 3 months and still have new ones left, I swear.


That being said, Anastasia’s contour kit makes me L-A-Z-Y! It’s rare that I hit pan on anything, but at a recent makeup show in Dallas, I actually had to replenish the shimmery highlighter (and pick up a couple of new ones, of course!). It’s neutral, it gives beautiful sheen and glow without too much shine, and the lack of glitter keeps it daytime appropriate.


The matte, pinky-beige shade is ideal for setting concealer to color correct blue undertones in dark circles, or for warming up a neutral under eye concealer that has left you looking a little grey. While you’ll find beauty gurus in every corner of the blogosphere singing the praises of a banana colored powder, I find that it actually works for only a handful of skin tones. A medium olive complexion looks fantastic with this as a highlighter, but anyone too fair, deep, or pink-complected will probably neglect it the majority of the time. Of the 3 contour shades, the middle grey-undertoned powder is the best fit for a fair-medium contour. The ashiness gives it a shadowy quality that truly mimics a chiseled cheek or jawline, while the outer two orange-y shades are great for adding warmth and bronzing the t-zone.


The only downfall that I’ve found to this product is that the pink-beige highlighter is a little on the sheer side. While I like the immediate effect of the concealer set that it gives, it leaves a little to be desired as my makeup wears throughout the day.


The real deal is that if you’re not a junkie like me, this palette serves up all of your bone structure enhancing needs in one convenient, slim case. If you ARE a junkie, this product was an instant classic that no self-professed beauty hoarder should miss out on anyway!