Just a Drop of Color




So, as I mentioned in my last post, I’m doing a mini-series centered around color correcting, and tonight I want to cast the spotlight on Algenist’s miraculous Reveal Color Correcting Drops!


Now, I want to put a disclaimer here: the cute mini bottles you see above are not available for purchase from Sephora, but are available for $20 each (or $65 for the set) directly from Algenist’s website. However, each can be purchased at Sephora individually in it’s full-size form, which retails at $38 for .5 oz.


Since you’ve got the specifics, lets talk about Algenist as a brand: They’re first and foremost a skincare brand that hails from San Francisco, whose products are formulated using microalgae for advanced anti-aging. So, how did that translate into color correcting?


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