Add Ambiance to Your Complexion with Hourglass’ Holiday Offering



As a beauty addict, I love to read other bloggers’ viewpoints on coveted makeup items. However, I never let them sway my own. This little beauty has received a lot of negative press- but we know that size doesn’t matter. A palette’s a palette, no matter how small!


I’ll admit that I was a little taken aback by the size of this one, too. But, being very well acquainted with Ambient products, and after a little bit of experimentation, I still think this is a good value (especially if you’re a first time Hourglass user).


I’m not made of money either, so let me explain! As plenty of people have pointed out in the reviews of this product on, Dim Light alone in this size pan retails for $22, making the palette of 6 shades at $80 a total steal. Ambient powders also go a very long way, trust me. I’m heavy handed and product-happy, so cosmetics that last awhile for me have some real durability.


Now, what exactly is an Ambient powder? Think of them as Instagram filters for your face- blurring, perfecting, and very forgiving. They’re also talc free, which means that they’re non-drying and don’t settle into pores and fine lines.


Dim Light (my favorite!) is best suited for all over application on top of a liquid foundation. Diffused Light makes for a great concealer setter due to its white-gold tone. The only exclusive shade, Iridescent Light, is a pretty pinky gold highlighter, but can also be used to color-correct a foundation that reads too yellow on the skin.


The cheek enhancers here are Mood Exposure (a pretty neutral blush, ideal to balance out a bold eye or lip look) and Luminous Flush, a perfect pop of pink for the cheeks. Luminous Bronze Light is a very fair bronzer, but works well to create a soft warmth for fair-medium skin tones.


All in all, I say Haul! This palette is a great way to introduce yourself to the Ambient lines, or a travel-friendly way to tote around your old favorites. Let me know what you thought of the Ambient Palette!