Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary – How Does Your Garden Glow?





Hey, lovely reader! Come join me on another trip to Dior’s Glowing Gardens.. You might remember that we visited back in January with Glowing Pink, but this time, we’ll be in the Nude!

That’s right, I’m talking about the other highlighter released as part of Dior’s Spring 2016 collection, called Glowing Nude.

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Take Me Away to Dior’s Glowing Gardens!

image image


Spring 2016 is a great season for makeup lovers, my friends! I’m so excited for several of the launches we’re seeing pop up everywhere.


Just like Guerlain’s holiday meteorites, Dior’s Nude Air Glowing Gardens illuminator in Glowing Pink is the product that I’ve been most excited for. So, instead of saving the best for last, I’ve decided to show it to you now! I have absolutely no restraint, it’s true.

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Airbrushed Skin in a Flash with Dior Airflash




Airflash is nothing new to the market, but it’s something I can’t help but RAVE about constantly!


When I was introduced to the product, there were only a few shades available. Even though my skin tone was NOT one of them, my poor little misguided high-schooler self thought that the only thing better than a spray foundation, was a spray foundation that gave me an instant tan! The line of demarcation across my jawline didn’t agree, unfortunately. To be fair, at the time I was also convinced that lavender eyeliner went well with everything. Fast-forward about 6 years, and there’s now a complete 10-shade color range that even my fair skin can find a niche in!


The official Dior application method is to spray the foundation directly onto the skin, first in a “Z” shape, and then in an “M”.


This is NOT my preferred method, for a few reasons –


1) I don’t enjoy flesh colored eyebrows and lashes. The over spray situation is ridiculous!

2) Controlled, even application is impossible.

3) It’s a huge WASTE – when you’re paying $62 for a foundation, you don’t want to be spraying half of it into the atmosphere.


However, you can get a beautiful, flawless finish by spraying it onto a synthetic domed brush and buffing it on in a circular motion. The mother of pearl in the formula gives an amazing glow without looking oily, and this stuff is seriously long-wearing and water resistant. For the price point, I usually recommend it as a special occasion foundation, but there is no rule that says you can’t wear it every day if your heart so desires!