Champagne Still Pouring





Hey lovelies! My last post discussed Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop Palette from Becca, and there’s one more product from that launch that I want to quickly talk about before moving on to bigger and better (and newer) beauty!


The much-awaited Champagne expansion collection also included, very briefly, a Champagne pop eyeshadow palette. This product was pretty controversial because, according to Jaclyn’s snapchat and to media statements released by Becca, it was produced in a different factory than the one in which Becca’s normal buttery formula is made. The factory apparently claimed to be able to replicate the formula, and unfortunately, it was discovered after the launch that the palettes’ quality was very inconsistent. Some were amazing, some were awful, and some were a little in-between. This kind of inconsistency, though, is a nightmare for the consumer, and so Becca heeded Jaclyn’s wishes for the palette to be pulled from shelves.


However – one of the best perks about working for a beauty retailer is gaining easy access to product, and I was able to purchase one before they were officially sent back to the brand!

So, how did I fare in the eyeshadow lottery? Let’s see!


As you can tell from the photos above, I must’ve gotten a good one! At the very least, it wasn’t dry and patchy the way that some other buyers felt theirs were.


From left to right we have Chardonnay, Champagne Toast, Cordial, Cognac, and Bordeaux.

The first two metallic shades were smooth, pigmented, and blended easily for me. Cordial, the dusty rose in the middle, was truly the only iffy shade. The swatch above shows that it’s not very opaque, but I still didn’t notice any issues in texture or consistency. Something else to keep in mind is that unless otherwise stated, I only do swatches sans primer in a single layer. The last two mattes were easy to build, and didn’t have a dryness to them at all.


Overall, I was extremely satisfied with my purchase! I hope that either Jaclyn continues to partner with Becca for special launches, or her namesake brand comes out very soon, as I quite enjoyed this collection.


As I mentioned previously, this product was pulled from shelves, both in-store and virtually, before most fans could get their hands on it. When doing a little research for this post, I noticed that there are a few on eBay, but they could set you back as much as $250 (ouch!) if you simply must own one.


Also, now that I’ve been in school for a couple of weeks and finally have somewhat of a grip on my life, I’ll be posting more frequently again. Hooray!



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