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USA! USA! USA! Are you guys as enthralled with the Summer Olympics right now as I am? This evening may be the first time ever that I’ve had a hard time focusing on makeup because I was so busy watching sports!


While the world is focused on international competition, I’m keeping an eye on an international designer named Chris Chang, who curated a beautiful collaboration with MAC. While this collection launched in May, none of the products are yet sold out on MAC’s website.


That means this gorgeous purple, called Plum Princess, is still available for purchase if you’ve got $20 burning a hole in your pocket!


More complex than just a ‘plum’ really, I’d describe the color as more of a deep, dusty lavender. It has fantastic color payoff and a smooth finish. As far as wearability, the grey undertones definitely pair well with other cool-toned makeup, but can work with a shimmery gold shadow as well.


But you don’t care about the color, do you? You saw that packaging and immediately clutched your pearls just like I did, I know it!

From the second the packaging was sneak-peeked all the way back in January, I’ve been lusting after this collection! Chang said that her inspiration comes from “the traditional aesthetics of ethnic tribes and costumes from various countries, as well as the transformative world of art.” You can really see her passion and vision echoed in the beautiful designs on each product.


Unfortunately, after months and months of teasing, I found that when the relatively small collection was revealed, I was more drawn to the packaging than the product.

The only compact offered was gorgeous, but just included a translucent powder. I definitely didn’t need another one of those! The cream color bases were also lovely, but I can’t justify purchasing cream blushes when I know their shelf life is so much shorter than their powder counterparts. The eyeshadows were pretty, but not extremely unique, which is really exactly how I felt about the lip colors as well.

Plum Princess was the only shade that was great quality and was unlike anything I already owned.


If you’re a collector and entranced by the special packaging, by all means, stock up! If you’re just looking for a couple of new staple products, I’d set your sights instead to all the amazing holiday launches we’ll start seeing within the next month.

And we know I’ll be all over reviewing those, letting you know what the best buys and must-haves are!




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