Like, Literally, So Cute!



Good evening friends!


Kylie Cosmetics (do we talk about anything else here?) recently launched four new lipgloss shades- coordinating colors for her matte lip kits in Exposed, Posie K, Candy K, and Koko K. Before those start circulating around the web, I thought it was time to talk about her original lipgloss launch!



When the formula first came out, it was available in Like, Literally, and So Cute. Each is a nude, ranging from brown-neutrals to Kim K pinky-beige nudes. They’re shown above in order of name (:


I’m not normally a huge fan of glosses, really. They’re generally thick, tacky, and short-lived on the lips, right?

Not these! The texture is smooth and glassy, although as a gloss, they still aren’t what I’d call “long wearing”. Each color is distinctly pigmented, but not totally opaque, which makes them great for layering too!


Did you pick up any of the new shades this week? Which are you most excited for? I can’t wait to get my hands on Posie and Koko!



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