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So, as I mentioned in my last post, I’m doing a mini-series centered around color correcting, and tonight I want to cast the spotlight on Algenist’s miraculous Reveal Color Correcting Drops!


Now, I want to put a disclaimer here: the cute mini bottles you see above are not available for purchase from Sephora, but are available for $20 each (or $65 for the set) directly from Algenist’s website. However, each can be purchased at Sephora individually in it’s full-size form, which retails at $38 for .5 oz.


Since you’ve got the specifics, lets talk about Algenist as a brand: They’re first and foremost a skincare brand that hails from San Francisco, whose products are formulated using microalgae for advanced anti-aging. So, how did that translate into color correcting?



The color correcting drops are available in four shades:


Pink  – Color corrects dullness using red microalgae and pigment

Apricot – Color corrects darkness and hyper pigmentation using golden microalgae and pigment

Green – Color corrects redness using green microalgae and pigment

Blue – Color corrects sallowness using blue microalgae and pigment


Here’s why I’m really so obsessed with these – you guys know, I’m all about convenience and ease of use. These are super versatile, and therefore, super easy!


Did you get a big, angry red pimple overnight? Put a drop of Green on it to neutralize the color under your concealer. Having a rosacea flareup? Mix a couple of drops of the Green into your primer or moisturizer to lightly correct the patches.


What if you found the perfect foundation formula, but the closest shade to your skin is still a little too yellow? Drop some Pink into it to balance out the color. If your foundation is too neutral and looks a little gray, you can use the Apricot to warm it up. Too yellow? Drop some Blue in that shit, and you’re good to go!


What I’m saying is, you can use it for anything you want, in any concentration you want, and get skincare benefits at the same time! Plus, look at how cute these teeny bottles are! You need them in your makeup life, trust me. Have I ever steered you wrong before?


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