Green with Enviable Neutralized Skin



Heyyyyyy night owls (or early birds – I see you, overseas readers!) ☺️


Tonight, I present to you the final – for now – installment in my mini- color correcting series! We’ll be chatting about Marc Jacobs’ Cover(t) Stick Color Corrector, which is shown here in shade Co(vert) Affairs.


FIRST. OF. ALL. The packaging.

Yasssss Marc Jacobs, give it to me! They always have the most innovative, beautiful, sleek packaging on the market. This baby twist-up deodorant style packaging just kills me! The best part is that it is both fashionable and functional. The wide surface area of the product allows quick, easy application for larger areas that need some correction (hellooooo, red cheeks anyone?).


What I love about the color itself is that it’s a mixture of light green and yellow. Solid green is really for extreme redness correction, so the yellow marbled in here makes this a wearable corrector that addresses pinkness to redness on a multitude of skin tones.

Texture-wise, you’ve got a sort of cream-to-powder thing going on, but it doesn’t emphasize dryness in my opinion.


If redness isn’t your worry, this stick is also available in Bright Now to correct sallow/dullness, and Getting Warmer to address larger areas of discoloration/hyperpigmentation. Each stick is $42, and travels easily since it’s a solid instead of liquid. Take that, TSA!


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