Color Correction That’s Just Peachy!




Hey friends!


I’ve been thinking about doing a color correcting series since all 2.5 million Spring launches of them, but haven’t yet gotten around to it. What better time than the present?!


We’ll start out with one of my faves as of late, which is the Lancôme Miracle CC Cushion in 03 Pinky Peach. This color is made to brighten under eye darkness and hyperpigmentation- and boy does it deliver!



As you can see from the swatch above, this is a very fair, muted peach, which is ideally suited for a fair-light skin tone. This pretty much sets the tone for the entire collection; each color corrector  in the range (yellow, purple, and green), are all more pastel than ultra-pigmented.


However, since I have the skin tone of a more translucent Snow White, this works really really well for me, without overpowering my concealer. I find that traditional darker peaches, along with that god forsaken trend of color correcting with lipstick, don’t work so well for the lighter ladies and lads.


Besides the color, can we just give a shoutout to cushion products in GENERAL for a second?! From Loreal’s YouTube darling foundation to Amore Pacific’s ridiculously luxurious sunscreen, cushion compacts are definitely having a well-deserved moment in the beauty spotlight.


For those of you that have never used a cushion, the packaging is fairly universal. They generally come in compacts that have a top tier containing a thin, very dense puff or sponge, and a lower tier that houses the product-soaked sponge or ‘cushion’. You apply the product by bouncing the puff on the cushion and then gently tapping it onto the skin. Application is fast and easy, and because the liquid formulas tend to be thin, layering is super simple.


I have a little hyperpigmentation on the tops of my cheeks, but my primary concern is the deep under-eye circles that have accompanied my toddler’s Terribe Twos. Honestly, if you’re a mom and you DON’T have circles, please send me an invitation to whatever cult you sold your soul to that allows you to look bright-eyed every day. Thanks!


When applying this color corrector, I use the puff to tap it under my eyes, and then go in with my beauty blender to make sure everything is flawless. The formula is so thin that it layers easily under my NARS concealer and Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder, so there are no worries about caking and creasing throughout the day.


While some feel that it’s drying, my skin is like the Sahara and I haven’t noticed any adverse effects, but everyone is different! And be forewarned: the fragrance in this one is fairly strong (but so is it’s packaging game, so there you go!). If you love the idea of this product, each color is available for $39.50 at Sephora.


Look out for more color correctors on the horizon! Do you color correct? What about cushions- love or hate them? Let me know how you feel!



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