Peach Pandemonium










The Peach Palette craze has been REAL around here, you guys! ??? Clients ask for it every day, even though my local Sephora (and Ulta too, I think) isn’t scheduled to receive any more. Is that to say we’ll never see it again? Not at all!

I have full faith behind the idea that there will be more produced, or that the palette will be made all-together permanent. A little like Champagne Pop, if you will! ?



Packaging is what first caught my eye here. The beautiful peachy-pink ombré metal casing with kawaii little peach illustrations is irresistible! And sturdy, too, which counts for something in this clumsy household.


You can smell the juicy peach scent before you even open the box, which was a little scary to me. I’ve always hated synthetic fragrance in makeup and skincare, and while the smell of these shadows is sweet, it’s also very artificial and powerful.

What redeems is that after you’ve applied your shadows, the scent dissipates, and I experienced no irritation from it.


Enough about smell though; let’s talk about the real sensory winner: color!


By now, I feel like I should trust my own judgement enough to head into a review unbiased, but the truth is that I’m still swayed by other bloggers sometimes. I spent most of my early adulthood reading the same blogs literally every single day, so when they tell me the pigmentation on something sucks, I’m apt to believe them.

It’s a good thing that I’m now qualified to form my own opinion!


I felt 15 again when I saw the Peach Palette promo photos; it was love at first sight. Every single one of these shades is wearable, and fun, and different. How nice is it to see a palette that is neither just neutrals or rainbow colors, but instead a pop of the unexpected that’s still totally daytime appropriate?

It broke my heart when I saw the blotchy swatches some beauty gurus had posted of the matte shades.


When I got my hands on this palette for myself, I was so nervous to touch the colors. I swatch without primer, so I was expecting a powdery, patchy mess based on the previews I’d seen.


I swatched the left half first. These were the safe colors, all light, and shimmery and beautiful. Safe so far! On to the next nine.. And with my breath held, I swatched the right half……


DING DING DING! We have a winner! I personally had no issues getting any of these shades to go on or blend. They’re gorgeous!


If this palette truly is limited edition, that’s a shame. It has so much potential to be a staple, and is just one example of how Too Faced has been hitting the industry with back-to-back awesomeness lately.


What’re your thoughts on the elusive Peach Palette? Did you get your hands on it easily, or are you still waiting for it to appear on eBay? Let me know in the comments!



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