Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit – Kourt K





Long time no talk, everybody! Okay, it hasn’t been more than a week, but it feels like an eternity! Totally not the way I wanted to start April.

Not that there’s an excuse, but my son’s birthday party is at the end of the month, my wedding is in 6 1/2 weeks, we just got a puppy this week (he’s amazing) and are looking to put our home on the market in June. There’s so much happening! Normally I write at night when my son is in bed, but lately I’ve been passing out on the couch around this time.


Not tonight! Tonight I want to share Kourt K with you, the newest lip kit from King Kylie. If you’d like to check out the reviews for any other color first, click here. If you’re already all caught up, read on!


So, you have to scroll past that picture to read this far. I’m sure you see the patchy, crazy application above, that even a great filter and some light adjustment couldn’t save. Kourt K is a beautiful deep burgundy, the kind we see plastered all over Pinterest and inspo boards, but unfortunately it’s super uneven to apply.


What you see above is a normal application. I’m not saying this lipstick isn’t workable – it is, but you have to be fast, and get a single, opaque layer. There’s no going back over one area to sharpen it up or add more color. The product has to be expertly, evenly layered, because even the slightest of retouches is completely obvious!


I really don’t know what’s going on here, because True Brown K is just as dark, but much more forgiving. Hopefully this issue is addressed in future color launches, because while I consider all of my Lip Kits great investments, this one is almost more trouble than it’s worth.


Bottom line? Yes, I’m still planning on rocking this color, and probably often. But, only when I’ve got the time to fully prep my lips (I’m talking lip exfoliator, balm, and primer) and to be able to correct any issues when things get messy.


What do you think, is Kourt worth the hassle? Or are you going to skip out on the madness this time? Let me know in the comments! ?



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