Hydra-Matte is the Hybrid We’ve Been Waiting For!





A few weeks ago, I previewed on Instagram a box of things I ordered from Gerard Cosmetics when they had their anniversary sale. I’ve seen the company all over the blogosphere, but never tried anything personally. The sale was amazing (!), so I decided to purchase a traditional lipstick, highlighter, brow kit, and this liquid lipstick from Gerard’s Hydra-Matte line.


The name itself sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? I mean, is it hydrating, or is it matte? I can’t tell you how many times a day a client asks me for a lipstick that “stays all day but doesn’t dry my lips out” and I’m like, call me when you find one!

Turns out, the name is perfect for this product, and it does everything I’ve ever wanted a lipstick to do.


I chose the shade ‘Invasion’ because I’ve really been enjoying grey based lipsticks lately, especially when they have some mauve/lavender in them to make them more wearable. It’s garnered lots of compliments, and honestly I’m having a hard time testing any other lippies for review lately, because I want to wear this one with everything!


While I love the color, the formula here is the big shot. This liquid lipstick is much thicker than, say, Kylie’s for example. That’s not a bad thing though! It’s not the kind of thick that feels heavy or tacky on the lips – it literally feels like you’re rolling on a thick, comfortable layer of balm.


This formula glides over my dry patches like nothing ever has before, and does. not. crack. Ever. No, seriously, ever. I can wear it for 4, 6, 8, 10 hours and never touch up or remove flakes of color.


I don’t know what kind of dark magic Gerard Cosmetics had to conjure up to create a formula like this, but consider me unbothered and a customer for life. I will own these in ALL THE COLORS!


Seriously, the worst part about writing this review was that I swatched the color and photographed it before bed time, so I had to take it off immediately, and it felt like a gross waste of valuable product.


As always, I’m not compensated for this review by the company in ANY way- I’m just obsessed with this! I haven’t left the house without it in over a week. Honestly, I’m hesitant to review the regular lipstick in London Fog, because I feel like there’s no way it’ll live up to these standards. I guess we’ll see! ?


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