Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit – True Brown K

So, earlier this afternoon, the following exchange happened on my Instagram page under this lip swatch I posted of Candy K last night:




“rudeperson: That is horrible

niceperson: Um that is rockin. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

neutralperson: @niceperson think they mean it’s too over lined”


With a small following, I haven’t really experienced much hate before, so this is my first experience with it. The only reason I bring it up isn’t to whine about it, but to use it as a learning tool.

People are careless and brave behind a keyboard. They don’t mind making cutting comments because there are no repercussions.


But guess what? I love my over lined lips!

‘Over lining’ is a technique that involves going outside the natural border of the lip with a liner in order to make the lips appear fuller and plumper, and was originally practiced by drag queens. The technique has taken off into the mainstream over the past year after being popularized by Kylie Jenner. I tend to over line my top lip, especially for swatch photos, because it gives me a better top-to-bottom-lip ratio.


Makeup is about making yourself feel beautiful, confident, and mostly about having fun! I enjoy the ritual of lining my lips to Angelina Jolie proportions, and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.


Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, tonight we’ll be talking about True Brown K. And yes, my lips are over lined in the picture (:








First, let me say, I was terrified of True Brown K. In junior high, I had a really opaque lip gloss called ‘Mocha’ that I loved, and to say it was unflattering would be an understatement.


You’re supposed to learn from your mistakes, yet here I am, wearing a dark brown lipstick for the purpose of cosmetic research!

But surprisingly, I like it! It’s dark and vampy, and contrasts nicely with my snow-white skin. Deeper skin tones also totally own this shade, so it’s a win for everyone!


To learn more about the formula, check out my first Lip Kit review for Koko K. If you’re curious about how True Brown stacks up to the other shades, I linked the review for Candy K at the top, and here are Dolce K and Mary Jo K.


Something I haven’t mentioned before, mostly because I just realized it today, is that the lip liners do have a little downside. While their dimethicone base allows them to glide on like butter, the nature of the ingredient also means that the lip liner never really sets itself. At least, not the way the  lipsticks do.

This means that while the lipstick will wear all day through pretty much everything, you may see some liner fade within a few hours. This is particularly problematic with the darker shades (or with any shade if you choose to over line) because it takes away from the definition.


An easy fix to this can be implemented by using a lip primer underneath (I’m fond of Bite Beauty’s lip primer), or setting your lip look with a translucent powder.


Now for the good news! If you’re getting tired of Lip Kit reviews, there’s only one more to go! Tomorrow night, I’ll be reviewing Posie K before announcing a surprise. Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@lovelybyleann) to get in on the action. See you then!

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