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I’ve made pretty clear in the past my love for Kylie Jenner’s lips and for over lining my own. I’m just obsessed with the look of full, voluptuous lips! So, with an impending wedding, I decided to take the plunge!


Say hello to my new voluminous pucker ?


Working in the makeup industry, I talk to women about their physical insecurities for a living. You would be SHOCKED to know how many women have had some kind of work done – dermal fillers, Botox, nips and tucks. Yet, there’s such a taboo about it – if you don’t believe me, take a look at my last Instagram (@lovelybyleann) post, and see how much a stranger’s before and after pictures bothered some of my commenters! One user even screen shot my post and shared it on her own account to shame me:




This user even went as far as to create TWO more fake accounts to harass me after I blocked her! It blows my mind. Where are your parents, young lady?


Anyway, my point is that you should never feel ashamed to express yourself, whether it’s with a tattoo, piercing, cosmetic enhancement, or simply by being 100% natural. I know fillers aren’t for everyone, so if you’re totally against them, no need to read on. Just join us back here tomorrow for your regularly scheduled makeup post!


If you have been thinking about them, or are just curious about the process, read on for my experience thus far ☺️


Disclaimer: This is an account of my personal experience and is not to be taken as medical advice.


To get started, when thinking about lip injections, you need to first decide what formula you want to go with. After doing my own research, and consulting with my doctor, I decided to go with Juvederm Voluma. It’s a hyaluronic filler that lasts for up to two years – the longest time available from a filler like this.


Juvederm is purchased by the vial, and if you don’t use the entire vial at once, my Doctor saves it at his office (not after it expires, of course) in case you’re in need of a touch up after the swelling goes down. I’m honestly not sure if all doctors do this, but I thought it was a pretty cool perk.


So I get to the office, and I’m terrified. You’ve already seen me get a tattoo, but needles around my mouth are different! It was honestly not bad at all, though.




The bad comes a few hours later. My lips, seen above in their current state, are literally swollen like twice their size, it’s crazy. This is supposedly common for Juvederm, especially first time users. I’m just taking Tylenol and icing them down for a few minutes each hour. I’ll be sure to update soon!


Leave any any questions in the comments ❤️


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