Guerlain’s Carousel Meteorites are a Magical Ride




After the way I gushed about Guerlain’s Holiday Meteorites, you can probably tell how obsessed I am with them. I did, after all, mention that I collect them, and I have to say that my collection is growing quite nicely!


What’s not to love about meteorites? Let’s be real – there’s nothing more luxurious than using a product that incorporates ‘Stardust Technology’ into its formula!

What is Stardust Technology? The brand says that it’s a pigment encapsulating a diamond powder. Knowing that, it’s almost easy to justify the price point! ?


Not to mention, each meteorite Pearl is hand-formed, and only four people in the world know how to make them.

Meteorites aren’t just makeup, they’re little collectible pieces of luxury, meant to adorn a counter or vanity like the fine art they are.


Now that I’ve waxed poetic about them enough, let’s discuss the latest iteration: Guerlain Carousel Meteorites Pearls for Summer 2016!


What I found most interesting about these pearls are the size variations. The small pearls are white, while the colored ones (sunny yellow, soft pink, lilac, and bright pinky-red) are all original size.

Overall, the color swatches with the puff as a light, warm pink. It can be used to finish and brighten the complexion all over, or as a blush.


I normally get my meteorites from Sephora, Nordstrom, or sometimes Dillard’s, but I had to hunt these down at Bergdorf Goodman. My only complaint is that some of these delicate pearls seemed to have disintegrated during shipping, so perhaps consider a different retailer for more effective packaging.

The powder is still usable, of course; it’s just an aesthetic annoyance.


Do you have any Guerlain Meteorites? What are your favorite luxury products?


Talk to you soon! ❤️



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