Glow, Baby, Glow!





Disclaimer: I normally hate taking photos with flash, but I had to for the sake of those sparkles on the cover of the glow palette! Sorry for the poor quality (:


Slowly, more and more pieces of Anastasia Beverly Hills are starting to trickle into Sephora. I plan on snatching them up one by one! And I started with the new(ish) Glow Kit in Gleam.

You know, I think someone should start a rehab program for highlighter addicts. I’ve got it bad, and this palette is like crack for me!


I mean, check out that pan size! Each Glow Kit color is much larger than the pans in the contour kit (.26 oz vs. .11 oz). The kits retail for $40 each – and with 1.04 oz total vs. a $38 Becca highlighter that has only .28 oz of product, you can’t afford NOT to add this to your stash.

Trust me, I can justify almost any makeup purchase!


I went with Gleam because it suits fair-medium skin best, but if your skin tone runs more medium-deep (or you just like a more seasonally bronzy highlight) then Glow Kit in ‘That Glow’ will probably be the best one for you.


The four shades that come in Gleam are Hard Candy, Mimosa, Starburst, and Crushed Pearl.


Hard Candy is pink-based, and Mimosa has more gold in it. As both of these are too dark for me, I’ll be using them more as ‘blush transformers’. As much as I try, I can’t really get on board with matte blushes (but ask me again in 5 years), and these shades add some shine to a dull color.


Starburst is a GEM! It’s like a duo-chrome pinky white. Wanna shine bright like a diamond? Well, Rhianna, this is the color for you. I’m serious; you can practically see your highlight from space, and that is my kind of illuminator! I can tell I’ll be all over this color all. the. time.


Crushed Pearl is a pretty, neutral-white highlight that gives a generous dose of illumination to cheekbones, brow bones, or wherever you like to shimmer!


Will you be checking out all the newness Anastasia has to offer at Sephora?


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