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This evening, I sat down to write a review of February’s Play! box, when I realized that I promised you all a review of this highlighting stick during last month’s Play! review. Now, I shall deliver!


Chubby Sticks are a family of products made by Clinique that come in the form of – you guessed it – chubby sticks. The range includes lipsticks, eyeshadows, a foundation, and new for Spring, contour and highlighter sticks! I have the latter to share with you all today.


Let me say this, and get it out of the way:

I’m not the biggest fan of Clinique.


I don’t hate it, but I’m never wowed by their color products. I feel like, for the price point, there are tons of mid-end lines out there that surpass Clinique’s quality in terms of variety, performance, pigmentation, and texture/ingredients. I know that lots of people are very loyal to this brand, and if you have a difference in opinion, that’s totally fine!


In fact, I may be converted to your side of the road if Clinique keeps hitting it out of the park with products like their Sculpting Highlight.

I swiped this baby on, expecting mediocre pigmentation and a drier texture, and was positively wowed by the smooth application and fresh-to-death glow this product gives.


You all KNOW I’m a highlighter junkie, so this isn’t a category I take lightly.


Sculpting highlight is pearly and bright, and makes strobing an absolute breeze. You just draw it where you want to glow, blend it out with your fingers or a buffing brush, and step out into the world with supermodel cheekbones.


Piece of cake!


This is a permanent product that retails for only $22, so head on out and buy this creamy glitter bomb immediately!


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