I’m Picking Up Good Vibrations




Fast side note – your mid-twenties are a really strange time, my friends. If you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t, here’s what’s coming:

You don’t really know what’s ‘cool’ anymore. At least, not right away. I can’t keep up with which videos went viral this week, what dance everyone is doing now, or all the millions of new apps that rise to fame and fizzle out every couple of weeks. The things that defined my childhood are totally different than the technology driven world today’s teens have been raised in, so when I write posts with titles like ‘I’m Picking Up Good Vibrations’, I’m hoping that the Beach Boys have spanned enough generations that I don’t alienate my audience.

You also don’t feel super adult-like. Sure, I have a toddler, a mortgage, a car note, and have to make my own doctors appointments now, but I’m still not a Grown Up, right?


It’s a weird age. But makeup makes the transition a little bit easier! ? That I know, and that I can keep up with.


Now that I’ve let you all in on my quarter life crisis, let’s get down to business!


Sometimes, I admit it, I choose books by their covers. If the jacket is beautiful, you know that an author is going to put just as much effort into the meat of their book as well. I feel the same about makeup packaging! The Boho Stones spring collection from YSL Beauty caught my eye with its watercolor compacts, and as I have enough eye shadows to get me through the next several decades, I opted to try the face palette.

Gypsy Opale is as whimsical as the name suggests. While every brand this spring is pushing out spot color correctors, this all-over face powder is meant to color correct and brighten the overall complexion. Stripes of green, violet, peach, and gold help to neautralize redness, correct shallowness, and downplay hyper pigmentation, all while offering a little illumination.






The concept reminds me a little of the Hourglass Ambient powders, because it’s really meant as almost a ‘filter’ for the face. I loved the silky, soft texture of the powder, and that it didn’t emphasize my dry patches. The swatches photos above contain each shade swatched individually, as well as blended together to see the true finish.


If you’re looking to lightly color correct without all the fuss and precision that a cream corrector requires, I highly recommend picking up Gypsy Opale! I found it at Nordstrom for $48. Thanks for reading, and let me know how you’re feeling about the color correcting trend in the comments!



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