I’m Rocking Tom Ford Lately




“I don’t pop Molly, I rock Tom Ford..” – so true, haha.

While in Austin, I visited a Tom Ford counter at Nordstrom, and saw this beauty sitting out on display front and center. I’ve played around with Tom Ford products at counters before, but to be totally honest, sticker shock and employee intimidation have always kept me from purchasing.

Every time I talk to the SA’s, I feel like they kind of think they’re humoring me. I don’t always look like the typical ‘luxury’ client, pushing a crazy toddler in a stroller with my day-two hair in a bun, but I still like to be treated well when I’m planning on dropping some serious dollars on their products.


This time was no different, but fortunately, I took the plunge anyway!


By now, you may know that I can’t pass up a good highlighter. I just can’t! Something in my DNA is coded to make me impulsively buy all the shiny highlighters. But hey, it’s not the worst ailment I could have!


This duo is rumored to be limited-edition, but has been available since fall. Even though the price tag is steep ($80), I still think it’s kind of an awesome deal. Hear me out! A single illuminating powder, at .21oz, is $77. For only three more dollars, you get .42oz and two colors – literally double the product!


The worst thing I have to say about the skin illuminating powder duo is that the packaging is a fingerprint magnet. Other than that, it’s all gravy! The lighter shade is smooth, glowy, and ethereal. The deeper shade is silky, bronzy, and makes you look like you just landed from a vacation in St. Croix. They are gorgeous alone, and unstoppable together! Everything you’d expect from a brand like Tom Ford.


Consider this my stamp of approval!

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