Chanel Perles et Fantaisies




It’s taken me a minute to write this review (and by a minute, I mean a few days, of course). It’s just.. I couldn’t touch it, you guys. This Chanel highlighter is SO BEAUTIFUL that I couldn’t bring myself to swatch it. How can I review it if I won’t use it?

But thankfully, I worked up the courage and can now present this one for your viewing pleasure!

Let me tell you, the beautiful ladies at my local Chanel counter were probably so irritated with me. For weeks, I popped in every couple of days (and once twice in one day, when I knew they’d be receiving shipment) to ask if the Perles highlighter was in stock yet.

After getting tired of being told no, and once I’d begun annoying even myself, I just took the plunge and ordered this online from Chanel’s website. If I haven’t mentioned it before, I hate ordering stuff online. For one, I like instant gratification. Even if shipping only takes two days, I don’t have that kind of patience! And, I like to try before I buy.

At the very least, I was able to opt in for the free gift-wrapping, and had a beautiful package to unwrap when it arrived!


Of course, the compact is housed inside of a velvet Chanel cover, and a thin angled brush accompanies it inside of a smaller velvet pouch. It seems soft and flexible, but I’ll use a different brush for application.

Interestingly enough though, I recently found a use for the brush that came with the Chanel holiday blush! The long, squared shape is perfect for nose contouring. I’m accidentally in love!


The packaging is a standard black-laquered fingerprint magnet compact with a double-C logo. What’s really special about this illuminator are the strands of pearls pressed into the powder! So beautiful, dainty, and classic.

I was slightly concerned with the pigmentation of Perles et Fantaisies after reading a review that described the embossed surface of this highlighter as being very hard, and requiring a lot of pressure to lift any product. Fortunately, I didn’t find that to be an issue in my own use! The swatches you see above are from the first time I ever touched the pan, and I didn’t need to dig my fingers in to get the color to lift.


While the white half is more pigmented, the pink half just needs to be seen in the right light to really shine. I think they apply best when mixed together, but they could be used separately as a blush/highlighter combo. You’ll notice in the photo some slight imperfections on the surface (some of the white shade appears to have gotten on the pink side during manufacturing), but I’m pretty unbothered by it.


Also, I am all about this year’s trend of pinky-pearl highlighters! Keep ’em coming! These Perles will take a special place on my vanity along with the Dior Glowing Gardens illuminator from this spring. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get my hands on Givenchy’s Soft Powder Radiance Enhancer and YSL’s Boho Stones palette to show you as well (:

If not, no worries! I’ve got lots more Spring newness posts coming for you soon!

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