A Tale of Two Lippies – Act II, The Finale





Berry Me 2? More like Bury Me, Too! Okay, I know that dad joke was lame, but seriously! I get more and more irritated every time I try to wear this lip color from Dose of Colors.

Just like a rocky relationship, I have to admit, it started off great. The color is gorgeous, there’s no denying that. But it’s not all about looks, is it? A liquid matte lip should dry down after you apply it, shouldn’t it? Berry Me 2 just gets sort of.. Tacky. My lips shouldn’t feel like they’re trying to glue themselves together, amirite?


The doe foot itself even seems gummy. That in itself makes it hard to apply correctly. You can’t get a crisp, clean line when the applicator skips all over your mouth. Because of the stickiness, it’s also a nightmare to layer. I’m telling you, when I was trying to get a lip swatch of this, I tried to make it look good. 20 minutes, countless q-tips with makeup remover and 34 rounds of concealer later, and I just gave up. This is basically what happens every time I try to wear this shade in real life, too, and it just gets worse with every time I use it.


The only way I’ve found to ever make it look decent, like in the top photo, is to line my lips like crazy, fill them in with liner, and then lightly tap this color on top. Keep in mind, I’ve had this product for just over 6 months, so it is still well within its shelf life.


So level with me, Dose of Colors. How are you reposting Instagram images of happy customers using this with great results? How do you get and maintain such a strong beauty guru following? Did I get a bad batch, or something? Because I wanted to love this color. Dose of Colors has such a dope shade range and strong social media backing that I was sure I’d be purchasing a quality product.


Unfortunately, this has been one of my most disappointing beauty buys ever. Have you ever had a product you thought you’d be obsessed with turn out to be a major flop? Tell me all about it!


I’ll be back very soon to reveal my thoughts on those products I picked up while in Austin. See you pretties soon!



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