MAC Ellie Goulding – Blush/Bronzer Compact



As promised, today I present to you MAC & Ellie Goulding’s Blush/Bronzer duo in Hold My Breath!


After seeing all the beautiful promo work for this collection, as well as the glowing sneak peak reviews from other bloggers, I knew this was a must-have. Attention to detail is apparent in this piece as well, with the EG logo embossed on the powder.

I love the smooth, pigmented texture, and found them to be pretty weightless on the skin. The bronzer is light and warm, but still kisses the skin with a little color. The blush is a pinky coral that is universally flattering and complexion-brightening. This color combination reminds me of NARS’ Laguna and Orgasm, though both have slightly less gold sheen to them.


So what’s the catch? Well, while for some this may not be a big deal, one of my biggest pet peeves is disproportionate product sizes in a compact. C’mon, MAC! You know your clientele likes to blush as much as they like to contour. Why give us an itty bitty slice of blush that we’ll run out of far before we run out of bronzer? I would’ve definitely preferred equal amount of both, and maybe thrown in a highlighter to make a complete cheek trio.


That being said, the presentation is so pretty that my complaining is relatively short lived. This duo is $28 and should be available at your local counter until around the 15th (provided it hasn’t sold out). Also, if you didn’t see my review of the Ellie lipsticks yesterday, check it out here!


I’ll be back with some more lipstick love soon ??



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