A Colorful Spectrum



Ah. The Urban Decay Spectrum Palette.


I reviewed this one back in October after it briefly popped up online for the holidays. Unfortunately, even I wasn’t fast enough to grab it from Sephora, so I ended up purchasing it for a large mark-up off of eBay.. and now my tears of regret can be your tears of joy!


The good news for you guys is that Spectrum is coming back for Spring, AND it will be in stores this time! I don’t know of a launch date, but it should be very soon. That’s why I thought we could revisit it for a minute, and I’ve added swatches as well!

I’m actually really excited that this is re-launching, because it’s very pretty and deserves some more attention.

There are a few things I noticed when swatching for the picture that I hadn’t noticed before. As you can see in the swatches, Prank is gorgeousssssss, but it did apply a little dry and patchy. I think it must be because it has a matte blue base with suspended sparkle, and matte textures like that tend to be a little harder to blend.

The secret to applying a color like this is to use a glitter adhesive (my favorite is Too Faced’s Glitter Glue) and pat it directly on top, blending out the edges with a neutral matte shade.

Another observation is that while Burn and West look very differently on the surface, they swatch almost identically. No worries, though – if you love the shimmery neutral brown, you get double the amount!


All the colors here have either shimmer, sparkle, or straight-up chunky glitter in them, so if you’re not a fan of shine, then Spectrum definitely isn’t the palette for you. But if you love a little glitz, you need to grab this palette before it really disappears forever.

It’ll be available for $55 soon at Sephora!



    • lovelybyleann says:

      Good point! I totally forgot to include the picture from my previous post that shows all the shadows’ names. Prank is the deepest shade on the top row, 2nd from the right. Thank you!

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