A Colorful Spectrum



Ah. The Urban Decay Spectrum Palette.


I reviewed this one back in October after it briefly popped up online for the holidays. Unfortunately, even I wasn’t fast enough to grab it from Sephora, so I ended up purchasing it for a large mark-up off of eBay.. and now my tears of regret can be your tears of joy!


The good news for you guys is that Spectrum is coming back for Spring, AND it will be in stores this time! I don’t know of a launch date, but it should be very soon. That’s why I thought we could revisit it for a minute, and I’ve added swatches as well!

I’m actually really excited that this is re-launching, because it’s very pretty and deserves some more attention.

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Still Stay-All-Day Liquid Liner Lovin’




Today has been rough, you guys. The kind of day that makes you flop into bed as soon as you get home, nap until it’s night time, then wake up to shovel ice cream and cookies into your face before retreating to your bedroom again.

Yes. That bad.

And all I can say after a day like today is thank the makeup heavens for waterproof liquid liner – which brings me to today’s post! Nothing can cheer a lady up like chatting about makeup!


Still Stay-All-Day liquid liner was one of the first products in the stay-all-day lineup, which now includes foundation, concealer, and lipstick, among other things. I’ve been using it since around 2010 or 2011, which is pretty impressive, considering all the hundreds of liners that must have come out since then!

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MAC New-to-Me Classics




I posted a teaser on Instagram earlier, and now here’s the real thing!


Instead of talking about Spring newness tonight, I want to share with you some of my newly discovered MAC classics! The shades you see here are lipsticks Angel and Snob, and lip liner in Whirl.


First of all, why didn’t I already own these?! The short answer is that I sometimes get so obsessed with collecting everything that’s limited edition, that my focus stays shifted away from permanent products that are always readily available.

Finally, sometime last month I found myself perusing a MAC counter and thought I’d grab them to see if they were truly staples.

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Vanity Organization



After posting a photo of my vanity to Instagram the other day, I got some inquiries about the glass units you see above holding lots of blush, bronzers, and highlighters. I love seeing collection videos on youtube and the way others organize their stashes, so I figured I’d let you in on my secret!


Having your makeup displayed makes it easier to remember what you already have, ensures that your product is always accessible, and allows you to really showcase beautiful packaging (if that’s your thing).


Unless we’re talking nails, I’m not really an acrylic girl. So, when I spotted these vanity organizers on an endcap at Target the other day, I knew I’d found a solution worth investing in! Continue reading →

Play! by Sephora – Feeling December Disappointment in January



In my December review of November’s Play!, I hinted that I was less than pleased with this box.

Let me clarify beforehand: I love several of these products. Some of the main reasons I’ve been so frustrated with these boxes are –


  1. I feel that they consistently lack cohesion.
  2. The service has been redic – for example, this box was shipped on December 15th and didn’t arrive until the 26th (est. delivery was the 19th). I understand this was right around the Christmas rush, but it’s happened with every box before it, too.
  3. Presentation is also kind of a fail. The white confetti that’s stuffed inside always leaves a film of white powder on every product. It makes them feel grimy and gross. Also, as you can see in the picture above, they actually sent out stapled sample packets this month. REALLY?


Now, let’s get down to the finer details. This month’s theme was “Oh, What Fun!”, which honestly made little sense to me. Perhaps if the curation had contained bright colors, or festive products, or something that said fun in any way, I would feel differently.

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I’m Flushed! (And it’s Not from the Fever)

IMG_0338 IMG_0337 IMG_0340


Let me me set tonight’s scene for you-


My little one is already in bed fighting a virus, and I’m in bed doing the same, with barely enough energy to support my laptop. I don’t want to move, but in between sneezes I can’t help but think about how I’ve been wanting to review this blush palette since the moment I set eyes on it, so here we are! (And for the record, I may be being a tad dramatic. Colds tend to make me that way!)


Up until purchasing this product, I hadn’t tried any of the new Too Faced Love Flush Blushes, so this wardrobe of 6 for $36 was perfect!

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Pretty in Pastels with Make Up For Ever Artist Palette 3

IMG_0268 IMG_0272


Pastels and florals for Spring – SO overdone, right!?


Just kidding! Like Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” during the holidays, I never get tired of these staple fresh Spring collections. Everything is in bloom, the weather warms up (seriously, our highs are in the 70’s here in Texas this week) and macaron-colored cardigans replace our black peacoats.

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Take Me Away to Dior’s Glowing Gardens!

image image


Spring 2016 is a great season for makeup lovers, my friends! I’m so excited for several of the launches we’re seeing pop up everywhere.


Just like Guerlain’s holiday meteorites, Dior’s Nude Air Glowing Gardens illuminator in Glowing Pink is the product that I’ve been most excited for. So, instead of saving the best for last, I’ve decided to show it to you now! I have absolutely no restraint, it’s true.

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What Teases! MAC & Dita Von Teese



Dita Von Teese is the physical embodiment of class and seduction – she’s beautiful, she’s empowered, and she’s a lady. Can you tell that I love her a little bit? ?


When I first saw the promo images for her lipstick collaboration with MAC, I knew I had to order it as soon as it was released! Von Teese, an online exclusive, is meant to celebrate the launch of Dita’s new book titled Your Beauty Mark. Guess what’s also next on my reading list?

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MAC Ellie Goulding – Blush/Bronzer Compact



As promised, today I present to you MAC & Ellie Goulding’s Blush/Bronzer duo in Hold My Breath!


After seeing all the beautiful promo work for this collection, as well as the glowing sneak peak reviews from other bloggers, I knew this was a must-have. Attention to detail is apparent in this piece as well, with the EG logo embossed on the powder.

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