Oh, Darling!




Hey Darlings! I’m so behind on my posts, it’s ridiculous.


BUT, imagine my surprise when I checked Google analytics to find that my readership has gone up a TON while I’ve been slacking! I hope you all enjoy what you see, and I welcome any and all feedback.


Now let’s get down to business! Pictured above is a piece from MAC’s holiday collection, Magic of the Night. This beauty is an Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Oh, Darling! I was very lucky to get it, as it sold out at my local counter within hours. It is the lighter of the two shades offered in the collection, and more universally flattering.


Is it gold? Is it champagne? Is that a little.. Green pearl? Yes, yes, and yes! This highlighter has an almost foiled finish, and applies beautifully with a fan brush.


Let me say though, that I do have one complaint. When I removed this from the package, the pan completely fell out of the compact! LUCKILY, it didn’t break, and I was able to glue it back in (since there was no way to exchange it after it sold out) – but still, kind of annoying. Has anyone else had this experience?


While working on catching up on my other back-logged posts, I’m also going to be working on taking swatches of the products I review to give you a better idea of the texture and pigmentation. This means that I may be updating some older posts as well, so be looking out for that if you’ve seen something you’re interested in.


Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving all! I hope you’re full and happy and in the mood to be nice to retail workers tomorrow!



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