Make Up For Ever Holiday 2015



I’ve reviewed two other palettes from Make Up For Ever so far, so I think by now we all know that I LOVE their shadow formula! To recap, it’s unlike any other brand – a gel/powder hybrid that glides on smoothly and practically blends itself. The colors are bold, intense, and have beautiful depth.


I also cross referenced the shades from the two artist palettes released in spring, and I think the only shade here that is a repeat is the black (S-102). But really, who can complain about having an extra one of these? The black is one of my all-time favorites, alongside Urban Decay’s Blackout. Both are true, deep blacks that create smoldering smoky eyes and sharp cut creases with ease.


The value here is just crazy too; 15 shadows for $59, compared to one single at $22. The slim packaging is also convenient to keep in a drawer or kit, where as last holiday’s collection was cute, but impractical and not at all portable. I would rather have seen a black cover with the logo than glitter orange, but this odd choice is really nothing to lament with such a versatile palette at hand.


Go out and grab one before they’re gone!



NARS x Steven Klein



Let’s get abstract for a minute:


Shade, light, color, perception vs reality – these components make up both the art and cosmetic worlds. They’ve got the same DNA! That’s why I love seeing collaborations like these, and I have to say that NARS does them best (Andy Warhol, anyone?).


The artist in me finds makeup counters and galleries equally appealing, but I’m no where near an art historian. After being entranced by the packaging of NARS’ holiday collection, I did some research on Steven Klein to check out more of his work. His photography is iconic! The muted tones and surreal images presented on the packaging of each product are beautiful and thought provoking. Who doesn’t want a cheek palette that doubles as a vanity art piece? There’s no need to shove this beauty in a drawer when it’s so easy to display on your counter.


As a NARS blush lover and collector, I already owned Dolce Vita, Luster, and Laguna before investing in this palette. Laguna is a classic brown bronzer that’s perfect for those that hate orange and want a little sun-kissed sheen. Dolce Vita is a neutral red blush that adds a perfect apple-y flush to cheeks. Luster is one of my all-time favorite neutral blushes, and here’s why – all NARS blushes, regardless of how warm they look, actually have a pink base. This makes them blend seamlessly on the skin and look extremely natural, and makes Luster in particular give your skin a beautiful healthy glow, as if you just went on a run. I love it when my makeup does the working out for me!


I was excited to see the inclusion of contour duo Paloma, as I’ve never tried this product before. Unfortunately, the matte highlighter didn’t do much to brighten my tired fair skin, and the contour shade looked much warmer (almost red) than I would prefer.


Blaphemy and Robotic are both exclusive shades, and I found them very smooth and pigmented. I was so glad that a warmer pink was included, as I find that many NARS pinks run very, very cool. Having both a cool and warm pink also gives the palette a little more variety that previous blush collections from the brand have lacked.


Speaking of which, die-hard NARS fans will also be excited to know that Orgasm is NOT included this year! Thank the heavens, I think we probably all have about 20 pans of it by now.


One thing I would’ve liked to see added to the selection here is a shimmery highlight, but overall this piece still is a great investment at $69. It’s limited edition and a Sephora exclusive, so grab it while you can!



It’s Play! Time



Well, I’ve done it again. Here we are at the end of November, and I’m showing you October’s box! Not only that, but subscribers of Play! by Sephora will notice that I accidentally left something out of the picture!


First, let me please eat my words.. In September, I lamented the lack of makeup and abundance of skin care in the collection, but this month, I love it! My bone dry skin has been drinking these in and loving the glow.


Fresh’s Black Tea Age Delay Instant Infusion is a mouthful, but it’s also a highly effective treatment/toner hybrid. This is more viscous than a regular toner, but thinner than a serum. You get hydration, anti-aging skincare, pore refinement, and antioxidant protection all in one product that’s super easy to add into your current routine.


Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin Day Tint is creamy and lightweight, but I didn’t get much use out of it, as it is too dark for me. I hate finding complexion products like this in a universal package. What about us fair girls? What about deeper skin toned buyers? Not everyone has a light/medium complexion!


Now, we approach the missing product. Pictured is Boscia’s Detoxifying cleanser- great for problematic skin, but a little drying for my skin type. Still, my chin and nose have been a little congested lately, so I did use this black gel a little on my t-zone to help combat blackheads. What’s not pictured is the konjac cleansing sponge that I used with it! The mini size was a little awkward to use, but I do LOVE konjac sponges. They offer more exfoliation than a clarisonic, but aren’t abraisive. This one has active charcoal in it to help draw out impurities.


You can bareeeeeely make it out here, but there’s also a little vial of Atelier Cologne in Mandarine Glaciale. This is the one product I haven’t tried, but I suspect I will love the citrusy notes, as I’m a huge fan of Guerlain’s mandarin fragrance. I did find its inclusion in this collection odd, though. Why all skin care and ONE fragrance, Sephora? Pick a theme!


Belif’s Aqua Bomb moisturizer is something I’ve been interested in trying for quite awhile. The light, super hydrating texture felt like a literal drink of water for my dehydrated skin, but I still found myself reaching for something creamier at night.


Last one! Sephora’s pearl mask.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. I love sheet masks! They’re cheap, hydrating, brightening, and so convenient. This one is no exception! I loved the glow my skin had after using it, and I look forward to trying some of the other varieties they offer.


That’s all she wrote, guys! This box was a great value and had some really cool skin care finds. I highly recommend Sephora’s subscription if it’s available in your area!



Oh, Darling!




Hey Darlings! I’m so behind on my posts, it’s ridiculous.


BUT, imagine my surprise when I checked Google analytics to find that my readership has gone up a TON while I’ve been slacking! I hope you all enjoy what you see, and I welcome any and all feedback.


Now let’s get down to business! Pictured above is a piece from MAC’s holiday collection, Magic of the Night. This beauty is an Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Oh, Darling! I was very lucky to get it, as it sold out at my local counter within hours. It is the lighter of the two shades offered in the collection, and more universally flattering.


Is it gold? Is it champagne? Is that a little.. Green pearl? Yes, yes, and yes! This highlighter has an almost foiled finish, and applies beautifully with a fan brush.


Let me say though, that I do have one complaint. When I removed this from the package, the pan completely fell out of the compact! LUCKILY, it didn’t break, and I was able to glue it back in (since there was no way to exchange it after it sold out) – but still, kind of annoying. Has anyone else had this experience?


While working on catching up on my other back-logged posts, I’m also going to be working on taking swatches of the products I review to give you a better idea of the texture and pigmentation. This means that I may be updating some older posts as well, so be looking out for that if you’ve seen something you’re interested in.


Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving all! I hope you’re full and happy and in the mood to be nice to retail workers tomorrow!