Make Your Marc




Isn’t she gorgeous? I’m swooning over here!


I love Marc Jacobs beauty, but when I saw this palette online, all I could really think was, “meh.” I think this was because I like to see palettes with clear color combinations that really appeal to me aesthetically.


However, the Internet can’t really show you the aesthetics that make this palette so beautiful. It’s the perfect, smooth, glossy packaging; the large mirror; the way the shadows seem to be arranged by texture – matte finish to satin, then shimmer, then glitter.


Each shade is ultra smooth and pigmented, and quite a generous size. A normal 7-pan palette from Marc Jacobs (called the Style Eye-Con) is $59, but this palette provides 20 colors for $99. I was lucky enough to snag mine for 20% off during Sephora’s friends and family sale.


If you love sleek, luxurious collections with wearable (but trendy) shades, you NEED to get this before it’s too late!



Guerlain Meteorites Have Me Seeing Stars



I seriously cannot stop drooling over these!


I collect Meteorites anyway, (casually, but I’m hoping to be able to get each limited edition release in the future) but these really take the cake.


The packaging is indescribably beautiful. It looks like a snow globe, which brings to mind instant holiday nostalgia. It also takes my makeup obsession full-circle – I collected snow globes as a child, too! When you remove the top, you’ll find a cute puff covering the pearls, with a convenient mirror in the top portion of the lid.


The star shaped meteorites here are just gorgeous, and have an ethereal, pearly iridescence. The other pearls seen are in shimmery shades of blush, copper, champagne and gold. As usual, they are delicately scented and versatile in application. The puff can be used for all-over complexion brightening, or you can use the meteorites brush to apply as a subtle highlighter.


But let’s be honest here- who is really going to touch these beauties? I’m off to put them on my vanity with their other Meteorite brothers and sisters now!



It’s Never Too Late for Play Time!



Better late than never! Right? Although this review is for the September Play! box, I’m hoping it will still interest those of you to whom the service is not yet available.


This being the first box, I have some general thoughts on the service itself: Firstly, I was expecting more color. While I love all things cosmetic, I anticipated that this subscription service would really be focused mostly on makeup, instead of a mix of all worlds. Secondly, my box arrived REALLY late. I actually didn’t even get it until the beginning of October, which was disappointing because by the time it arrived, I had already seen other bloggers posting about theirs.


Let’s start at the top left, with Ole Henriksen’s Sheer Transformation moisturizer. This natural product is a great lightweight, oil-free hydrator, but is really ideal for Summer. I would expect something richer to be featured instead with the upcoming weather changes that are brought along by Fall and Winter.


This month’s goods did include one of my favorites – Marc Jacobs Highligner! I consider this to be the BEST waterline liner, with crazy pigmentation and unrivaled staying power.


Fragrance is very personal, but I do enjoy Nirvana White. It almost runs too floral for me, and I don’t wear it often, but it’s definitely a scent to try for a special occasion. This perfume is also very nostalgic in a way for me. I grew up loving the Olsen twins, and always wore Mary-Kate and Ashley jewelry and makeup. Now that we’ve all grown up, I can still wear their very sophisticated fragrances while maintaining that connection to childhood.


Rouge Infusion in Peony is a very thin textured lip stain that offers a nice wash of color, but again was something I consider a more summery product.


Do you remember when eye primers exploded onto the scene? They really caused a chain reaction in the makeup world that brought tons of exposure to prepping and priming, even to things like hair products! Enter Bumble and Bumble’s Hairdresser invisible oil priming spray. To be honest, I don’t really get a ‘priming’ result from it- I feel as though my other hair care has the same effectiveness and application ease whether I use this or not. However, I do like the way it allows me to detangle my hair while providing a light hydrating effect. It really seems more like a standard spray leave-in conditioner than a big innovation in hair.


Glamglow is one of my favorite brands! Their masks are amazing, and I actually hadn’t tried the cleanser before receiving this deluxe sample. My skin is dry and I rarely have issues with breakouts, but I do often get skin congestion around my nose and chin, and loved how clean my skin felt after using this with the clarisonic.


While the box itself is a great value at $10/month, all-in-all I’d like to see more makeup included, and a seasonal-appropriate selection. I still can’t wait to receive October’s box!



Where does this Urban palette fall on the Spectrum?



This baby was a complete PAIN to track down! I knew I should’ve ordered it as soon as I saw it appear on Sephora’s website, but I thought I’d be okay to wait a couple weeks..


And I thought wrong!


By the time I went to purchase, it was already completely unavailable from any retailer I could find. Except, of course, eBay. I’m always wary of purchasing cosmetics from the site because of the abundance of fake cosmetics being sold, as well as hygienic issues. When I finally found a seller who had tons of positive feedback and had a product that was authentic and new, I snatched it up – at a hefty markup, unfortunately. The sad truth, I’m afraid, is that even though Urban Decay’s Spectrum palette was released less than a month ago, it is already gone for good unless you’re willing to try your luck from a private seller.


All that being said, it was so worth it! The packaging is very reminiscent of Urban’s 16th anniversary palette release, and sold out just as quickly. The difference here being that not all of these colors are exclusive to the palette.


I was really excited to see the inclusion of Junkie, one of my favorite shadows for its gorgeous jewel-toned depth. Voodoo is also a rich, complex shade, as are the rest of the colors, with all the pigmentation and blendability you’d expect from this brand. I think the packaging is very pretty, but for some reason, the lid to my palette seems a little on the loose side. I’m not sure if this is something unique to me, or if others have noticed it as well.


If you’re a collector, you’ll have to do some serious investigative work to get your hands on this one. For the casual Urban Decay fan, it may not be worth the effort, as some of the shades are repeats. Perhaps the Gwen Stefani collaboration will trump this palette anyway!



Add Ambiance to Your Complexion with Hourglass’ Holiday Offering



As a beauty addict, I love to read other bloggers’ viewpoints on coveted makeup items. However, I never let them sway my own. This little beauty has received a lot of negative press- but we know that size doesn’t matter. A palette’s a palette, no matter how small!


I’ll admit that I was a little taken aback by the size of this one, too. But, being very well acquainted with Ambient products, and after a little bit of experimentation, I still think this is a good value (especially if you’re a first time Hourglass user).


I’m not made of money either, so let me explain! As plenty of people have pointed out in the reviews of this product on, Dim Light alone in this size pan retails for $22, making the palette of 6 shades at $80 a total steal. Ambient powders also go a very long way, trust me. I’m heavy handed and product-happy, so cosmetics that last awhile for me have some real durability.


Now, what exactly is an Ambient powder? Think of them as Instagram filters for your face- blurring, perfecting, and very forgiving. They’re also talc free, which means that they’re non-drying and don’t settle into pores and fine lines.


Dim Light (my favorite!) is best suited for all over application on top of a liquid foundation. Diffused Light makes for a great concealer setter due to its white-gold tone. The only exclusive shade, Iridescent Light, is a pretty pinky gold highlighter, but can also be used to color-correct a foundation that reads too yellow on the skin.


The cheek enhancers here are Mood Exposure (a pretty neutral blush, ideal to balance out a bold eye or lip look) and Luminous Flush, a perfect pop of pink for the cheeks. Luminous Bronze Light is a very fair bronzer, but works well to create a soft warmth for fair-medium skin tones.


All in all, I say Haul! This palette is a great way to introduce yourself to the Ambient lines, or a travel-friendly way to tote around your old favorites. Let me know what you thought of the Ambient Palette!



What’s Your Vice?



Mine is makeup, of course! And brushes, skin care, fragrance, polish, hair care.. It’d be easy to derail at this point, but let’s stay on track! As the proud owner of all the Vice palettes (and the Book of Shadows series before those) I still get truly excited to see each new release.


Never one to mind an excess of glitter, I think no one will be shocked that I love this palette! Flame is the real superstar here, and I don’t remember ever seeing a shade like it released from Urban. This golden-orange duo-chrome works best when applied wet as a lid color. I generally use Make Up For Ever’s Mist & Fix to spray a small, flat shadow brush, grab enough color to turn it into a paste, and apply in a patting motion to minimize glitter fallout.


I’m really loving the matte oranges in here as well, but Arctic and Deadbeat also stood out as unique. The inclusion of so many matte transition shades here is great too, but I do wish there were more deep and mid-tone mattes as well, instead of just the very light shades represented.


Enjoy, my friends! This limited edition release from Urban Decay is available for purchase on Urban Decay’s website and