Strobe Like a Pro with NARS Copacabana Liquid Illuminator




Nars liquid illuminators are dreamy. These oil-free, water based, and highly pigmented liquids are a gorgeous product, and work well for anyone who needs a do-it-all, multi-tasking product. The water base means that they apply easily on top of other products without disturbing them, and play well with other products as a mix-in.


Copacabana is a particular favorite, as it’s opalescent glow looks amazing across the board. The tropical name feels exotic and evokes images of gleaming, hydrated skin.


My favorite method of application involves using your fingers to warm the product, then tapping gently on the high points on the face to strobe. A little bit of this product goes a long way! It’s not a highlighter for the subtle when applied on it’s own at full concentration, but can be diluted by mixing it into a foundation, primer, or moisturizer for a little extra glow. It is particularly good at emphasizing the cheekbones, bridge/tip of the nose, and cupid’s bow.


This product’s status as a makeup bag staple comes from its compatibility with many skin types, as well as the versatility in color payoff and application method it offers. Get a leg up on strobing, the trendiest makeup application method this year, with this beautiful liquid luminizer for $30, available from Sephora and




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