Make Up For Ever Artist Palette 1



This week, posting has been a struggle. My son has been taken to urgent care for a spider bite, I went to urgent care myself, and I’m in the middle of a career change that means I’ll be starting a new job tomorrow. Talk about crazy! When life throws itself at you all at once, you crave a place of neutral territory. It can be your couch, a garden, the gym, or a man cave – anywhere that lets you unwind and take a break from the world.


For me, it’s my bed or my son’s nursery. They’re familiar settings with soothing colors and comfortable accommodations that allow me to calm and center myself.


Enter Make Up For Ever’s Artist Palette 1 – neutral territory in makeup form! The shades are easy to use, workable, and go with anything, but there’s still something special about them that sets them apart. The cushiony formula is just like your favorite arm chair: soft and low maintenance. A swipe of any of these colors yields brilliant color payoff without requiring much work.


Did I say ANY of these colors? Yes, any! That means even applying the deep black is a breeze, allowing you to cut a crease or smoke out the whole eye area with blendable ease.


Holy grail status – check!



Make Up For Ever Artist Palette 2



Do I even need to talk about how pretty and perfect these shadows are, or can you just stare at the picture and surmise for yourself?


Just kidding, of course 🙂 I could talk about makeup all day!


This collection from Make Up For Ever is a gift from one of the greatest makeup gods, and the creator of the line, Dany Sanz. Her shadows have been renowned by artists for years, but are now being acclaimed at a consumer level as well. I think a lot of that success has to do with the introduction of palettes from the brand. They’re very client-friendly, with generous eyeshadow portions, and sold at a fantastic price point!


The formula is extremely unique. Think of a powder-gel hybrid that applies smooth and buttery, and offers incredible wear time. Something I particularly enjoy about this palette are the beautiful jewel tones. Each color achieves depth and dimension without being a glitter bomb, and can be applied wet or dry to achieved a foiled or soft shimmery finish.


If you love fun colors, but are afraid of not being able to blend them, these are perfect to work with! And for my fellow artists, they fit perfectly in a kit and travel extremely well. You can’t go wrong with Make Up For Ever shadows!



Naked on the Run




Sounds scandalous! The muted tones and extreme wearability of this palette tell a different story, though.


This collection from Urban Decay came out right before Christmas last year, but was definitely the least talked-about of all the Naked Family. Personally, I would call this an underrated hit with a couple of minor drawbacks. Apparently, I’m not the only one, as what was once labeled ‘limited-edition’ has now seemed to (hopefully) become a permanent piece!


Let’s go ahead and gloss over the Perversion mascara, as I think it deserves its own full review, but just note that it is a *WINNER*! The 24/7 liner pencil provides a smooth application, long wear, and is a very pretty, rich satiny brown. Both the liner and mascara are travel-sized, however a full sized Naked lipgloss is included in the shade Sesso. This gloss is definitely a hidden gem! It’s darker than I expected, but is a shimmery, complimentary garnet/berry color that works surprisingly well with the selection of eyeshadows. Speaking of which, the second shade from the left (called Fix) is the most perfect taupe-y grey matte shade I’ve ever used. I feel like I could blend out anything with this color! The other shades are soft and beautiful as well, but Fix is truly holy grail status. Such is always the case with limited editions – boo.


Now for the fails… I think what made this palette sort of a flop among consumers is the shockingly orange bronzer, paired with an in-your-face, bubble gummy, bright pink blush. In application, the soft consistency makes them easy to blend to achieve a warm radiance with a pop of color on the cheeks. These powders are very finely milled and sit on the skin just the way they should, but I think they’re aesthetically challenging and a major turn-off to many wearers. The luminizer is a gorgeous neutral pearl shade, but is so itty-bitty that I generally just find myself using a full-sized version of one of my favorites instead.


I’m one to travel with basically every cosmetic I own crammed into a train case and 46 makeup bags, but if you like to pack light, this is perfectly portable and gives a truly complete look- just add complexion! The beauty of the packaging makes it hard for me to take it anywhere, though. It comes with a hard, tortoise shell design that looks both chic and fragile, and is a bit bulky for every day, toss-it-in-your-makeup-bag use. Looking for a gorgeous, functional piece to leave atop your vanity? That’s the real ticket.


Be sure to check this out at Sephora or on, and have a happy, productive Monday!



Rave-ing About this Velvetine



This week has been absolutely insane! I feel like I’ve been ambushed by work on all sides, and we know that all work and no play makes LeAnn a dull girl..


So today, I’d like to add some brightness with Lime Crime’s neon purple Velvetine in Rave!


Can we all take a moment to agree to ignore Lime Crime’s controversial status for a moment and just enjoy the beauty of this limited edition shade? For the record, I purchased this color from a 3rd-party retailer at a makeup show, but I completely understand why one may choose not to purchase this brand at all.


That being said, check out the glow on this baby! It provides a smooth, comfortable soft-matte wear and finish, and lasts around 4 hours without the need for a touch-up. The shade itself is gorgeous and tropical. I also feel like my face looks – dare I say it – tan when I wear this color as well. This is a characteristic I appreciate, especially when all the bronzer and contouring in the world can only slightly diminish my paleness.


I haven’t done much testing on this one’s UV light capabilities, but with fall in the air (wishful thinking!) and Halloween right around the corner, I can see this lipstick getting plenty of use for costumes and black light parties. This bold color is definitely one to have fun with!




Strobe Like a Pro with NARS Copacabana Liquid Illuminator




Nars liquid illuminators are dreamy. These oil-free, water based, and highly pigmented liquids are a gorgeous product, and work well for anyone who needs a do-it-all, multi-tasking product. The water base means that they apply easily on top of other products without disturbing them, and play well with other products as a mix-in.


Copacabana is a particular favorite, as it’s opalescent glow looks amazing across the board. The tropical name feels exotic and evokes images of gleaming, hydrated skin.


My favorite method of application involves using your fingers to warm the product, then tapping gently on the high points on the face to strobe. A little bit of this product goes a long way! It’s not a highlighter for the subtle when applied on it’s own at full concentration, but can be diluted by mixing it into a foundation, primer, or moisturizer for a little extra glow. It is particularly good at emphasizing the cheekbones, bridge/tip of the nose, and cupid’s bow.


This product’s status as a makeup bag staple comes from its compatibility with many skin types, as well as the versatility in color payoff and application method it offers. Get a leg up on strobing, the trendiest makeup application method this year, with this beautiful liquid luminizer for $30, available from Sephora and




Urban Decay Naked Smoky




As the proud owner of Urban Decay’s Naked 1,2, and 3 palettes, I was just as excited as the rest of the world when this beauty came out! My excitement dampened upon reading some other bloggers’ reviews at the launch, but I decided to purchase it this weekend and give it a go anyway.


Can I just say, I’m glad I took that leap of faith!


For me, this palette is another hit from UD. The textures are smooth, the pigments are vibrant, and the blendability is on point as usual. Gorgeous packaging is just another plus for me, as I truly love the smoky design and sturdiness of it all. I played around with the shades this weekend and created several wearable, day-to-night looks that lasted for hours and hours with a little bit of primer.


If you’re an urban decay fan, you may remember a couple of other smoky shadow collections they’ve produced over the years – filled with beautiful jewel tones, but no blending shades and no highlighters. This version takes that feedback and makes a product allowing deviation from the standard smoky eye, while still providing the necessary tools to create a complete look.


Will you indulge?