Go Chisel Yourself with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit




I have a small obsession with all things beauty; small in this case meaning that it’s not quite enough to land me onto an episode of hoarders yet. Skin care, cosmetics, fragrance, brushes, hair care – you name it, it’s taking over my bathroom/bedroom/life. For some reason though, complexion products are my absolute weakness! I could wear a different blush, bronzer, and highlighter every day for 3 months and still have new ones left, I swear.


That being said, Anastasia’s contour kit makes me L-A-Z-Y! It’s rare that I hit pan on anything, but at a recent makeup show in Dallas, I actually had to replenish the shimmery highlighter (and pick up a couple of new ones, of course!). It’s neutral, it gives beautiful sheen and glow without too much shine, and the lack of glitter keeps it daytime appropriate.


The matte, pinky-beige shade is ideal for setting concealer to color correct blue undertones in dark circles, or for warming up a neutral under eye concealer that has left you looking a little grey. While you’ll find beauty gurus in every corner of the blogosphere singing the praises of a banana colored powder, I find that it actually works for only a handful of skin tones. A medium olive complexion looks fantastic with this as a highlighter, but anyone too fair, deep, or pink-complected will probably neglect it the majority of the time. Of the 3 contour shades, the middle grey-undertoned powder is the best fit for a fair-medium contour. The ashiness gives it a shadowy quality that truly mimics a chiseled cheek or jawline, while the outer two orange-y shades are great for adding warmth and bronzing the t-zone.


The only downfall that I’ve found to this product is that the pink-beige highlighter is a little on the sheer side. While I like the immediate effect of the concealer set that it gives, it leaves a little to be desired as my makeup wears throughout the day.


The real deal is that if you’re not a junkie like me, this palette serves up all of your bone structure enhancing needs in one convenient, slim case. If you ARE a junkie, this product was an instant classic that no self-professed beauty hoarder should miss out on anyway!




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