Adjustable Color with NARS Dual Intensity Blushes



Most days, I wake up to get ready for work with the earnest intention of doing a great full face of makeup. Of those days, roughly 90% of the time I do my complexion, brows, and mascara before running out the door and leaving trillions of eye shadow palettes to rot away behind me. This is all not to mention the single shadows that I never touch – who has time for single shadows?! What I always make time for, though, are cheek products. If I’m out in public and noticeably not contoured, something is incredibly wrong!


That being said, NARS dual intensity blushes, a Spring 2015 release, are the Universe’s gift to blush lovers like me the world over. They’re smooth, glowy, pigmented, and so versatile it almost hurts. Each blush has 2 complimentary shades sitting side-by-side. You can really go crazy with these! Use one to highlight and one to blush, swirl them together for a beautiful flush, or if you REALLY want to pack a punch – spray a toner or setting spray on your brush to slightly dampen it before applying. This will lend an extra dimensional, almost foiled look to your finished product. The color selection is ridiculous (the good kind) too. They’re ALL my favorites! Even better, they’re all unique. You won’t find the same boring peach, pink, and plum that you see represented by each brand time and time again.




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