Too Faced Melted Lip Colors



I have to admit – when I heard the name of this product at it’s launch last year, I was skeptical.


Who wants their lip colors to melt? As a Texas-born girl, this has happened to me numerous times after accidentally leaving a favorite lipstick in the car on a 103 degree day – and it is heartbreaking to open up that tube of lipstick, hoping against hope that it is intact, only for the color to drip out all over you as soon as the cap is removed. The word “melted” itself brings to mind a beautiful color turning clown-like in the humidity after bleeding into every fine line you didn’t know you had. So much for using a straw ever again!


Upon trying these colors, I was more than pleasantly surprised at the texture, wear-time, color payoff and just sheer comfort that they provide. Liquid-to-matte lipsticks are insanely huge right now. When walking into Sephora, for example, you can find them from multiple brands: Stila, Kat Von D, Sephora’s house line, Make Up Forever, ect. This is not to mention some cult favorite brands like Anastasia, who has a dazzling color range, and the unique shades found from Jeffree Star and Dose of Colors. It’s not a new concept, but somehow Too Faced has done it best! In my opinion, of course.


How many times have you tried one of these lip formulas, only to feel like your lips have so much moisture sucked out that they feel like they’ve been vacuum-sealed? Often, my lips crack and turn to dust at the mere sight of matte lipstick. The second that I swiped one of these on, I was shocked! The formula really does melt onto the lips, but in a very comfortable, nourishing way. The round, soft, spongy applicator is much different than the standard doe-foot, but still manages to be precise with placement. I can get a 4-5 hour wear out of these without the color becoming uneven, and even longer if you don’t mind a slight fade. Another bonus: Melted Nude is one of the only nudes out there that doesn’t make my super-fair skin look sick. Melted Violet (pictured) is a beautiful, trendy, warm purple that looks great across a variety of skin tones, and I can already forecast that Melted Berry will be a fall staple this year.


Check these out at and other fine retailers – happy shopping! Remember: You can NEVER have too many lip colors.




Learning or Established, Lorac PRO Palette is for You!



If there is anything not to like about this palette, I haven’t found it yet! Here’s what to love:


If you’re new to makeup, the shades are all neutral enough to practice with for day or night time wear, and they’re so easy to blend that they practically do it themselves! Unlike some other popular neutral palettes, multiple undertones and complimentary colors are represented here. Garnet and Sable are amazing to pop blue eyes. For green or hazel eyes, Deep Purple offsets your eye color very nicely, while the amber color in brown eyes is perfectly brought out using Gold and Cream. There are smoky colors and highlighting shades, as well as a variety of textures to create virtually any natural look desired.


For the pros, the packaging is awesome. These shadows are housed in super slim, compact packaging. Let me emphasize: it’s totally unobtrusive in a professional kit! Anyone who does makeup professionally can attest to the struggle of making all the things you think you need to bring to a job fit inside of a zip or train case. The matte shades are beautiful, buttery smooth, and never chalky or dry in texture. They make perfect transition shades and truly work on a huge range of skin tones. In fact, this palette is one of my go-to’s for a deeper skinned client, because the color payoff is so brilliant that you never have to worry about blending away your hard work.


This palette has been available for awhile, but every time I use it, I feel like I’m swatching for the very first time! I’ve felt for quite awhile that Lorac is a severely underrated brand. Their products are high quality with great ingredients, sturdy packaging, and fair price points. At $42, this product is a steal compared to palettes from other mid-range brands with a similar quality! Don’t hesitate to add it to your collection – available at Ulta and




Adjustable Color with NARS Dual Intensity Blushes



Most days, I wake up to get ready for work with the earnest intention of doing a great full face of makeup. Of those days, roughly 90% of the time I do my complexion, brows, and mascara before running out the door and leaving trillions of eye shadow palettes to rot away behind me. This is all not to mention the single shadows that I never touch – who has time for single shadows?! What I always make time for, though, are cheek products. If I’m out in public and noticeably not contoured, something is incredibly wrong!


That being said, NARS dual intensity blushes, a Spring 2015 release, are the Universe’s gift to blush lovers like me the world over. They’re smooth, glowy, pigmented, and so versatile it almost hurts. Each blush has 2 complimentary shades sitting side-by-side. You can really go crazy with these! Use one to highlight and one to blush, swirl them together for a beautiful flush, or if you REALLY want to pack a punch – spray a toner or setting spray on your brush to slightly dampen it before applying. This will lend an extra dimensional, almost foiled look to your finished product. The color selection is ridiculous (the good kind) too. They’re ALL my favorites! Even better, they’re all unique. You won’t find the same boring peach, pink, and plum that you see represented by each brand time and time again.




Airbrushed Skin in a Flash with Dior Airflash




Airflash is nothing new to the market, but it’s something I can’t help but RAVE about constantly!


When I was introduced to the product, there were only a few shades available. Even though my skin tone was NOT one of them, my poor little misguided high-schooler self thought that the only thing better than a spray foundation, was a spray foundation that gave me an instant tan! The line of demarcation across my jawline didn’t agree, unfortunately. To be fair, at the time I was also convinced that lavender eyeliner went well with everything. Fast-forward about 6 years, and there’s now a complete 10-shade color range that even my fair skin can find a niche in!


The official Dior application method is to spray the foundation directly onto the skin, first in a “Z” shape, and then in an “M”.


This is NOT my preferred method, for a few reasons –


1) I don’t enjoy flesh colored eyebrows and lashes. The over spray situation is ridiculous!

2) Controlled, even application is impossible.

3) It’s a huge WASTE – when you’re paying $62 for a foundation, you don’t want to be spraying half of it into the atmosphere.


However, you can get a beautiful, flawless finish by spraying it onto a synthetic domed brush and buffing it on in a circular motion. The mother of pearl in the formula gives an amazing glow without looking oily, and this stuff is seriously long-wearing and water resistant. For the price point, I usually recommend it as a special occasion foundation, but there is no rule that says you can’t wear it every day if your heart so desires!




Go Chisel Yourself with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit




I have a small obsession with all things beauty; small in this case meaning that it’s not quite enough to land me onto an episode of hoarders yet. Skin care, cosmetics, fragrance, brushes, hair care – you name it, it’s taking over my bathroom/bedroom/life. For some reason though, complexion products are my absolute weakness! I could wear a different blush, bronzer, and highlighter every day for 3 months and still have new ones left, I swear.


That being said, Anastasia’s contour kit makes me L-A-Z-Y! It’s rare that I hit pan on anything, but at a recent makeup show in Dallas, I actually had to replenish the shimmery highlighter (and pick up a couple of new ones, of course!). It’s neutral, it gives beautiful sheen and glow without too much shine, and the lack of glitter keeps it daytime appropriate.


The matte, pinky-beige shade is ideal for setting concealer to color correct blue undertones in dark circles, or for warming up a neutral under eye concealer that has left you looking a little grey. While you’ll find beauty gurus in every corner of the blogosphere singing the praises of a banana colored powder, I find that it actually works for only a handful of skin tones. A medium olive complexion looks fantastic with this as a highlighter, but anyone too fair, deep, or pink-complected will probably neglect it the majority of the time. Of the 3 contour shades, the middle grey-undertoned powder is the best fit for a fair-medium contour. The ashiness gives it a shadowy quality that truly mimics a chiseled cheek or jawline, while the outer two orange-y shades are great for adding warmth and bronzing the t-zone.


The only downfall that I’ve found to this product is that the pink-beige highlighter is a little on the sheer side. While I like the immediate effect of the concealer set that it gives, it leaves a little to be desired as my makeup wears throughout the day.


The real deal is that if you’re not a junkie like me, this palette serves up all of your bone structure enhancing needs in one convenient, slim case. If you ARE a junkie, this product was an instant classic that no self-professed beauty hoarder should miss out on anyway!




Champagne Pop! Becca x Jaclyn Hill



Ladies and Gentlemen,


Today is a Monday disguised as a Tuesday. I’m over-worked, under-caffeinated, dehydrated, and feeling way more wrinkly than any 24-year-old should..


That’s why I feel the authority to exclaim that this is the highlighter of your dreams!


Anything glowy enough to make my skin less dull, but smooth enough to not settle into fine lines, deserves a trophy in my book. Somewhere between a white gold and a peachy beige, the universally flattering color truly does look great on all skin tones! Having already collected Moonstone, Opal, Rose Gold and Topaz – you could consider me a pretty big fan of Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed anyway. The texture sits between a gel and powder, and glides effortlessly on to skin. Whether you pack it on with a dense, domed brush (guilty) or sweep it on sparingly with a fan brush, you’ll always get an ethereal, dewy glow that acts as a pick-me-up for your skin, without looking greasy or glittery.



It’s not just for cheekbones, either. Sweep it down the center of your face, under the arch of your brow, and into the inner corners of your eyes for an all-over brightness and lift.


Available at Sephora and other cosmetic retailers for $38.